20 Celebs Who Jumped Into New Relationships After Filing for Divorce

Madison Breaux | Nov 8, 2018 Celebrities
20 Celebs Who Jumped Into New Relationships After Filing for Divorce
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Ben Affleck
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In the dating world, there's this magical thing called "a rebound." After one (usually long-term) relationship ends, everyone is allowed to have a little fling that helps get them back in the groove of dating. It's a great concept, but well, our dear people in Hollywood may have taken things a little too far. It's a pretty well-known fact that celebrity relationships have a short shelf life, but it truly astounds us how quickly these celebs can go from one significant other to another. It's even more surprising when it happens after a marriage ends. One would think that someone who just divorced would want some time alone ... but oh no ... not celebrities.

These stars jumped right back in, head first, without even thinking. We don't know what it is about celebrities that make them constantly want to be in relationships. Sometimes it's months, sometimes days, and sometimes even minutes before a celeb ends a marriage -- only to pick up another boyfriend or girlfriend. It's hard to keep up with it all, and honestly, we're starting to wonder if we should even bother trying. 

However, if we're being real, we love keeping track of who's with who, but these celebrities certainly make it difficult. (We also have to admit that some of the failed marriages were more heartbreaking than others -- so at times, it can be painful to watch the celebrities move on. But such is life!)

Here are 20 celebrities who wasted no time finding another relationship after filing for divorce. These people move quickly, so we're doing our best to keep up!

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