44 Relatable Times Celebrities Opened Up About Divorce

Samantha Sutton | Mar 19, 2020 Celebrities
44 Relatable Times Celebrities Opened Up About Divorce
Image: Danny Moloshok/REUTERS

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
Danny Moloshok/REUTERS

Spoiler alert: Life isn't always all rainbows and sunshine. We've now lived enough years to learn that it has its ups and downs -- and while the bad days can leave us feeling very, very alone, the truth is, that's just not the case. More often than not, friends and family members can relate to what we're going through. Heck, there's even a celebrity or two who have experienced a similar situation. One example? Divorce. So many stars have gone through it themselves (it is tough to make it in Hollywood, after all), and while it's heartbreaking to watch as fans, it's also inspiring to see them come out on the other side -- showing us they survived, they're OK, and we will be, too.

Still, it's not just seeing the proof of award-winning movies and hit records that end up reassuring us, it's what these stars end up saying. Sometimes, divorced celebs end up getting pretty deep during an interview, opening up about their personal experiences following the split. Hearing all those details -- how sad these actors, actresses, and musical artists were, how they had to build themselves back up, and how that particular time in their life taught them a hard lesson about love, life, and even co-parenting -- is what ends up making us feel so much better.

It's further proof that even the world's most glamorous aren't immune to going through a crappy time.

So who, exactly, has spoken up and gotten really ... real about their divorces? We've found 44 celebrities -- from Gwen Stefani, to Chris Pratt, and Mary J. Blige -- who've discussed the points that they realized their marriage was ending and also what they did in the days afterward.

Fair warning: It gets pretty sad, so it's probably wise to read with a box of tissues nearby.

  • Reese Witherspoon

    "There are things in my life that are hard to reconcile, like divorce," she told Parade in 2008, talking about her divorce from Ryan Phillippe.

    "Sometimes it is very difficult to make sense of how it could possibly happen. Laying blame is so easy. I don’t have time for hate or negativity in my life. There’s no room for it. When you make wrong choices, you have to take responsibility for them: ‘What part of this do I own?'”
  • Jennifer Aniston

    "There are many stages of grief," the actress said regarding her split from Brad Pitt.

    "It's sad, something coming to an end. It cracks you open, in a way -- cracks you open to feeling. When you try to avoid the pain, it creates greater pain. I'm a human being, having a human experience in front of the world. I wish it weren't in front of the world. I try really hard to rise above it."
  • Jessica Simpson


    Talking to Glamour about her divorce from Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson said divorce "was like a death in the family: You go through the mourning stage, then the rebellion, and then all of a sudden you have to find life by yourself."

    In her memoir Open Book, she admits they were too young and that their reality show put a lot of pressure on their relationship. “We were young and pioneering our way through reality television, always mic'd and always on,” she writes. “We worked and we were great at it but when it came time to being alone, we weren’t great at it anymore.”

    “We really got crushed by the media and by ourselves,” Simpson goes on. “I couldn’t lie to our fans and I couldn’t give somebody hope that we were this perfect golden couple.”

  • Nicole Kidman

    "I think that divorce is hard for anyone," said Nicole Kidman, who was married to Tom Cruise from 1990 to 2001. "It's a nightmare, it just is, and you can pretend you're fine. And days you're great [and] days you're not great."

    "I've had a blessed life," Kidman said, regaining her composure, and yet, "I've always thought [if] something bad is going to happen, something bad is going to happen. But then something really bad happened. A number of really bad things happened. You go, 'I'm dealing with it. I'm stronger than I thought.' Ultimately that's where wisdom comes from, doesn't it?" she said.
  • Miranda Lambert


    "We were together for 10 years, married for four, were very quickly divorced, and are friends. I’m still processing everything and figuring out where to go and what happened," Miranda Lambert revealed while discussing her relationship with Blake Shelton. "[Marriage is] a tough business, and we gave it our best college try. I met him at 21 -- I am now almost 32. You change as people."

  • Elisabeth Moss


    Elisabeth was married to comedian Fred Armisen from 2009 to 2011. "Looking back, I feel like I was really young, and at the time I didn't think that I was that young," she told Vulture about that period of time.

    "It was extremely traumatic and awful and horrible. At the same time, it turned out for the best. I'm glad that I'm not there. I'm glad that it didn't happen when I was 50. I'm glad I didn't have kids. And I got that out of the way. Hopefully. Like, that's probably not going to happen again."

  • Kate Hudson

    "The process of discovering with somebody that you love that you don’t work is so painful," Kate Hudson told Vogue, referring to musician Chris Robinson.

    "Chris and I had no animosity," Kate points out in an interview with Daily Mail. "Chris and I divorced for the right reasons -- we just didn’t work. But we remain extremely close." Chris was on tour with his band a lot during the marriage, but she doesn’t blame any of that for the break-up. "The reasons are personal, but those things weren’t difficult," she says. "They can be, but dealing with work schedules is always a challenge. I think that’s true for everybody."
  • Anna Faris

    "Life is too short to be in relationships where you feel this isn't fully right or somebody doesn't have your back, or somebody doesn't fully value you," Anna Faris once said about splitting with Chris Pratt. "Don't be afraid to feel your independence if things aren't right."

    “I made that mistake, I think, a little bit, like ‘I’m checking my relationship off the list,’” she said to a caller during her Unqualified podcast. “And if that would be the final piece of advice I could give you, that would be know your worth, know your independence.”