Jenna Dewan Comes Under Fire After Requesting Channing Tatum Pay Her Spousal Support

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It seems like Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's divorce isn't going as smoothly as we had hoped. First, the news broke that each of them had moved on with someone new. Then, Jenna made things official by finally filing for divorce on October 26. Now, there seems to be a bit of drama over money -- and fans aren't here for it.

  • According to divorce documents, Jenna is now asking Channing for spousal support, and he's reportedly not here for it.

    Us Weekly reports Channing Tatum "is asking for her right to spousal support be terminated." (Umm ... yikes.) Thanks to California law -- that allows for spousal support to "last for half the length of a less than 10 years long marriage" (Jenna and Channing were married for less than nine) -- the newly single mom could be entitled to receive it. (Us Weekly notes Jenna is worth $20 million, and Channing closer to $50 million.)

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  • To put it simply, people are both confused and angry by this news.

    Divorces have been known to get ugly once money talk comes up.

  • ... especially considering Jenna isn't exactly struggling.

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    As you can see by the comments, some people think it's "ridiculous" for her to even ask for spousal support.

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    Should Jenna get child support for their 5-year-old daughter Everly? Yes, absolutely. (Both Jenna and Channing are requesting joint custody.) But spousal support? Ehh ...

  • Lots of people think Jenna is doing well for herself at the moment.

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    She's on TV and has partnerships with brands -- all of which likely come with some pretty decent paychecks.

  • But others feel Jenna is still making less than Channing and had to put her career on hold to support his.

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    She could be accustomed to a certain lifestyle that she wouldn't have without him, which is why spousal support still exists.

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  • Good point.

  • Still, it's definitely champagne problems considering there are people who can't even get child support.

    It's sad and frustrating, but so true.

  • The news ended up sparking some speculation that maybe this is more of a "revenge" thing.

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    Well, come to think of it, that would make sense, but we don't want to assume.

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  • We hope these two can work it out!

    We really can't take much more heartbreak this year.

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