20 Ways Meghan Markle's Pregnancy May Be Influenced by Kate Middleton

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Not sure if you've heard, but a little-known woman named Meghan Markle is pregnant. We kid, we kid. Of course you've heard of Meghan Markle and her impending royal baby. Who hasn't? The Duchess of Sussex is reportedly due in the spring, and we've been anxiously awaiting any glimpse of her we can get so that we can follow along with every step of her pregnancy. And while we might not have too many fine details in terms of how she is faring, we are pretty sure one thing is certain to occur: Kate Middleton, who's already been there/done that, will influence Meghan's pregnancy. 

Right out of the gate, Meghan and Kate seem to be having different pregnancies, as, with all three of hers, the Duchess of Cambridge suffered from horrible morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum. Thankfully, Meghan appears to have bypassed such a horrendous side effect and seems to be feeling good. But still, doesn't mean she can't use a remedy for nausea now and again -- and lord knows, Kate must have a few. 

Because Kate is already a mom of three, she's bound to give Meghan advice and tips for making it through the next few months. And of course, unlike Meghan's other mom friends, Kate is the only one who can offer insight to Meghan on what it's like to be pregnant as a royal -- and with the whole world watching. Of course, Meghan and Kate have had their share of ups and downs as of late, with rumors swirling that they haven't always gotten along famously. But let's be honest -- nothing quite bonds two women together like the joy of motherhood, right?

From fashion choices to tips for staying strong and healthy, here are 20 ways Kate Middleton may influence Meghan Markle's pregnancy. If you're going to learn from anyone, why not learn from the best?

  • Prenatal Yoga Fans

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    Recently, Meghan told a fan that she was practicing yoga at 4 a.m. because she couldn't sleep. Wanna guess who else did yoga when they were pregnant? Kate Middleton!

  • The Ultimate Surprise

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    With all three of her pregnancies, Kate (supposedly) didn't find out the baby's gender. As of now, Meghan and Harry are acting like they don't know the gender either!

  • Camel Coats

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    Recently, Meghan was spotted in a long camel trench coat -- a great way to look stylish and feel comfy when you're pregnant. 

  • The Original Camel Coat

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    Know who else wore a camel coat when she was expecting? Yep, the Duchess of Cambridge!

  • Well-heeled

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    Throughout the majority of all of her pregnancies, Kate wore high heels, like a true fashionista. 

  • Also Well-Heeled

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    Meghan seems to be following in Kate's footsteps -- literally -- so far. 

  • *Takes a Breather*

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    Recently, during her tour of Australia, Meghan skipped an Invictus Games event, due to fatigue. 

  • *Took the Original Breather*

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    During her pregnancies, Kate was sometimes criticized for not attending enough events. (But who could blame the woman? Pregnancy is exhausting!)

  • Baby Shower Blues?

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    It was reported that Kate Middleton was forbidden from having a baby shower, and many are predicting that the same will hold true for Meghan, even though she's from the US, where showers are the norm. Will she go to Kate for advice on how to deal? Of course she will!

  • The Ol' Hair Trick 

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    Not long before Meghan and Harry announced her pregnancy, Meghan showed up to the Coach Core Awards with pin-straight hair -- a style she usually doesn't rock. The reason? According to some, it was a diversion tactic. 

  • The Hair Trick Queen 

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    Before William and Kate announced that the duchess was pregnant with Prince Louis, she debuted a new, shorter 'do. 

  • Avocados for Days 

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    According to Self, Kate Middleton loaded up on avocados, berries, and oatmeal when she was pregnant and surely she'll suggest the same to Meghan. It doubtful the latter will have any complaints as she once told Vanity Fair: "I was born and raised in Los Angeles, a California girl who lives by the ethos that most things can be cured with either yoga, the beach, or a few avocados." 

  • Blazer & Boots

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    Not long after they arrived in Australia, pregnant Meghan was spotted in black pants, booties, and a blazer. 

  • Boots & Blazer

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    Guess who else fancied that look at the beginning of her pregnancy? That would be Kate Middleton!

  • Candy Dealer 

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    Now and again, Kate Middleton craved candy -- specifically gummy bears -- during her pregnancies. Who doesn't?!

  • Candy Junkie

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    Even though she reportedly eats clean most of the time, Meghan's pregnancy cravings have supposedly "kicked in" and she's been in the mood for British candy. 

    We all know who could give her advice on that!

  • 'Maternity Clothes'

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    When Kate was a few months pregnant with Prince Louis, she wore this stunning, Frozen-inspired gown. 

  • 'Maternity Clothes,' Part 2


    We're guessing Kate gave Meghan advice on dressing up when you're expecting, because recently the Duchess of Sussex rocked this blue number and looked incredible. 

  • Casual Vibes

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    Once in a while during Kate's last pregnancy, she just wanted to keep things casual. We get it, girl. 

  • Keeping It Casual, Too 


    Obviously, Meghan has taken a page from Kate's book. Sometimes a pregnant lady just needs to wear sneakers. 

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