Joy-Anna Duggar's 21st Birthday Party Causes an Unexpected Ruckus

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth

Haters gonna hate, right? Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth recently turned 21, and instead of just wishing her a happy birthday, some people felt the need to criticize everything from her birthday party to her beliefs to her accomplishments in life thus far. 

  • Joy's sister Jill (Duggar) Dillard shared a cute pic from her 21st birthday party.

    She captioned it, "Happy birthday to my Joy Joy buddy! [Love] you and so happy we got to celebrate together the other day! Hope your day is splendid!"

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  • It looks like Joy had quite the celebration, attended by her multiple sisters and friends. 

    Her good friend Carlin Bates posted this sweet one of the two of them together celebrating 21.

  • And family friend Sierra Jo Dominguez added a group shot to her Instagram.

    Can we get a side "amen" for Jana wearing pants in this photo too? She may be wearing a dress over the jeans, but we still see them! Jinger and Jill must be rubbing off on her! 

  • It wasn't long before people started criticizing the party though. 

    Apparently it's "lame" to have a huge group of people together to celebrate someone's birthday. With yummy-looking food and balloons, no less! We know why some people would think that though -- Joy's 21st birthday party obviously didn't include alcohol. 

  • Even though someone thought they spotted something, we're pretty sure it's root beer or another kind of soda. 

    The Duggars famously don't drink, adhering to their belief that Jesus turned the water into grape juice, not wine. Hey, whatever floats their boat -- drinking alcohol is hardly a requirement for life on earth. 

  • People seemed to have a bigger problem with her age itself over her lack of imbibement. 

    They seemed to think she was older than just 21, probably because she is married with a baby. 

  • Someone even added a facepalm emoji to express their opinion about Joy's youth.

    In all fairness, Joy only has one child, baby Gideon, with hubby Austin Forsyth. But really, is there an acceptable age at which to be married and have children? Joy is an adult, and no one would be batting an eyelash if she were living on her own, away from her family, working, dating around, and generally living her own life. Why are her choices less valid than some of her peers' choices?

  • Kylie Jenner also got brought up since there are definitely similarities. 

    Although Kylie's 21st birthday party was a far cry from Joy's, they both had babies at 20 years old. They're both in the spotlight thanks to growing up on reality shows. Yet somehow Joy gets the crappy comments about being too young to be a mom. Um, OK. 

    Let's just let Joy-Anna live her life and enjoy her party, shall we?