20 Ways Khloe Kardashian Is Living Her Best Life

Nicole Pomarico | Oct 29, 2018 Celebrities
20 Ways Khloe Kardashian Is Living Her Best Life

Khloe Kardashian

We'll be the first to admit it -- we've been worried about Khloe Kardashian -- at least, we were worried. When we found out about the Tristan Thompson scandal days before True Thompson was born, we didn't know how she'd handle it, but so far, it's pretty obvious that Khloe is living her best life, with or without Tristan in it. The state of her relationship and its future are both really unclear right now, but ultimately, it doesn't seem to matter if Khloe stays with her baby daddy or not -- as we've seen from the last few months, she's totally killing it, despite the drama, and we couldn't be more proud of her if we tried.

This year, this mama's seen a lot of changes in her life outside of whatever's going on between Khloe and Tristan. Not only did she become a mother for the first time, but she's also kept her business, Good American, running, and she's kept up with everything that her life demands of her (like filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians). Somehow, she's managed to have a little fun in between too, and honestly, we're amazed at her!

Although Khloe has opened up here and there about her choice to forgive Tristan, it's hard to know exactly where they're at right now, but if a breakup is looming on the horizon, it doesn't seem to be getting her down. We've always been impressed by Khloe's strength and resilience, but never so much as we have over the last several months.

Whatever's next for Khloe, one thing's for sure -- she's got this. Here's all the proof you need to see that Khloe is totally living her best life these days, with her daughter, her family, her friends, and even just on her own. 

  • She Was Given the Most Beautiful Welcome for True


    Before she ever shared the first photo of her baby, Khloe showed off what she came home to after True was born. It's so obvious that Khloe (and her daughter) is so loved, and we love that she is surrounded by so many wonderful people.

  • She Got to Move Back To LA With Her Family


    At first, it was unclear whether Khloe wanted to stay in Cleveland with Tristan or come home, but ultimately, she decided to make the move back to LA, and it seems to be the best thing for her. She's spending so much time around her fam and is having a blast -- and True gets to grow up around all of her cousins.

  • She Looks Amazing


    Are we sure this is a woman who had a baby just six months ago? Khloe's pregnancy snapback has been real, and she hasn't been shy about showing it off on Instagram, either. Talk about a revenge body! 

  • She's Loving Grandma Kris


    Of course, Kris is no stranger to grandma life, but this is the first time that Khloe's gotten to see her in action as a grandma to her own child. She's been posting about how thankful she is for her mom, and we love how True seems to have helped their bond grow even stronger.

  • She's Been Loving Motherhood


    Is it just us, or was Khloe made to be a mom? It looks like she's adapted to this major life change flawlessly, and we can't get enough of all the sweet moments she shares from her daughter's first few months of life.

  • Khloe & Kim Are Bonding More Than Ever


    Now that Khloe's a mom, it looks like she and Kim have become closer than ever -- and watching KUWTK is proof of that, because even though they once fought like cats and dogs, now, they seem to understand each other better. 

  • She's Been More Honest Than Ever


    Becoming a mom seems to have pushed Khloe to share her truth more and more often, like she has when she talked about how she wished True was a boy at first. 

    "I wanted a boy so badly because Mason and I are so close," she tweeted. "I love our bond. I felt confident in having a boy but God blessed me with my precious True and now I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy. True has made me sweeter and more gentle. God gives you what you need. My BFF 4Life.”

    There's no doubt Khloe's honesty is going to help people, so we love seeing her come into her own this way.

  • Her Business Is Booming


    Khloe shared this photo from visiting the Good American display at a Nordstrom store, and we love seeing her so happy and successful after having created a business of her own. Plus, her jeans are amazing

  • And She Just Celebrated Two Years of Good American


    "I can’t believe @goodamerican is turning 2 today!!" Khloe captioned this photo. "To celebrate, our design team have been working hard to come up with a $99 variation to the GOOD LEGS fit you know and love. We want GA to be accessible for as many women as possible while still maintaining the premium quality and product integrity that make our jeans unlike any other." 

    Um, cheaper jeans? $99 is still steep, but it's definitely a lower price than some of her other jeans from the line. Thanks, Khloe!

  • She Is in All Her Glory Getting True Ready for Halloween


    If you follow Khloe on social media, you already know that True has sported several costumes this Halloween season, and Khloe seems to be having a blast! We love how excited she is for the holiday, so we have a feeling she's going to be in her glory dressing her kiddo up every year.

  • She Threw the Cutest Cupcake Party 


    Khloe got the babies in the family together to eat cake together and snapped some adorable photos, and we're still not over it. We love that she's finding time to plan special moments like this.

  • She's Defending Herself Against Mommy Shamers


    Khloe has become so awesome at standing up for herself, and her standing up to mommy shamers is just one example of how. When people started shaming Khloe for True being spoiled, she had one thing to say to the haters in her Instagram comments: 

    "We read children's bible stories [every day] and we say prayers every single night but you should not pass judgment either way. Why be so negative if you are a child of God? She's a baby who received a beautiful sweet gift and I was SOOO excited to put her in it and take a picture! I'm enjoying every single moment I can with my sweet angel! The angel GOD gave me!"

  • She Has Such a Positive Attitude


    "You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be," Khloe said in her caption when she posted this photo, and we have to admit that she seems to be fully living by those words. There's a lot that could get Khloe down these days, but she hasn't let it. 

  • She's Spending Plenty Of Quality Time With BFFs


    Khloe and Malika are #BFFGoals forever, and we love that they seem to have become even closer this year. They're even working on a project together which we can't wait to find out more about!

  • She Ignored the Haters Through Her Relationship Issues


    People haven't been shy about sharing their opinions on Khloe and Tristan, but fortunately, she's always got the perfect clap back ready -- like when she shut down rumors that they were planning to get married. We're here for it!

  • She Celebrated Her Birthday in Mexico


    And it looked like SO MUCH FUN.

    "Had the most incredible weekend at @casaaramara ;with the most beautiful people! @realjoefrancis you spoiled us as usual!!" Khloe wrote. "We are so grateful for everything!! Thank you for my belated but perfect birthday dinner!! Everyone at your home is pure GOLD! We didn’t want to leave.

  • She Produced Her Own Series


    If you haven't seen it, its called Twisted Sisters, and it's a true crime show about sisters who commit crimes together, which is clearly right up Khloe's alley. So many exciting projects have been going on in her life!

  • She's Not Worried About the Internet Trolls


    "If you have time or energy to complain, write negative comments or surf the web. Then you have time to be grateful, make someone smile or find ways to grow. We all are given the same amount of hours in the day but we must use those hours with a kinder, more present mindset. Kindness is magical- pass it on," Khloe wrote in her caption when she posted this photo. Well said!

  • She Finally Got the Moment She's Been Waiting For


    Since Khloe's been ultra-close with her nieces and nephews, she seems to be happier than ever that she gets to see them interact with her own daughter now.

    "These are the moments I’ve been waiting for!!!" Khloe wrote. "How blessed am I?!?! P is an incredible photographer! And True is a very good baby model lol (she sort of had no choice)." 

  • She Celebrated Her 21st All Over Again


    When Kylie turned 21 earlier this year, the sisters went all out and said they were all turning 21 -- and they partied like it, too. We love to see Khloe out there having a good time!

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