Amy Roloff Addresses Questions About Her Relationship With Chris Marek

Amy Roloff and boyfriend Chris Marek

It's been two years since Amy Roloff and her boyfriend, Chris, started dating. And yet, that's not stopping Little People, Big World fans from asking question after question about their relationship. Are they still together? Is Chris after Amy's money? Are they engaged? Will they get engaged? Welp, Amy Roloff is addressing fan questions about her relationship in a new post that, hopefully, will end the prodding once and for all.

  • Amy took to Instagram recently to address the status of her relationship. (Spoiler alert: They're doing just fine.)

    "Many of you that came to the farm have either asked me if Chris and I were still together or was he going to be at the farm that day," Amy Roloff wrote in her Instagram post.

    "I love that he comes at the end of his day, working as a realtor, to see me. Makes me happy and I love his support. Yes we are still dating and together and we are doing wonderful! He’s a great guy. One more pumpkin patch weekend left. Hope to see you this coming up weekend for some Roloff Farms Pumpkin Patch fun."

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  • Needless to say, fans of the show are quite happy to hear Amy clarify concerns.

    Instagram comments

    Seeing as Chris Marek catches heat for next to everything, it's great to see so many people supportive of their love.

  • Still, they can't help to ask when they're getting married -- or engaged?

    Instagram comments

    Heaven knows people were speculating Amy and Chris were engaged after the reality star mom shared snaps from his brother's Vegas wedding.

  • People, chill.

    Amy and Chris are both happy and healthy. That's all that really matters, so ease up on the pressure for them to tie the knot.