Prince William & Kate Middleton's PDA at the Royal Wedding Almost Stole the Show

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Prince William, Kate Middleton
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It isn't often we get to see a good PDA between Prince William and Kate Middleton, but apparently love was in the air at Princess Eugenie's wedding on Friday, and they just couldn't help themselves. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared an affectionate touch, and of course royal fans went nuts over the gesture. 

  • Just look at these two hold hands! 

    We seriously cannot stop watching this video. It's just so casual and natural ... we love those little glimpses into their relationship, and it's clear that having a third child has only bonded Will and Kate closer together. 

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  • People even said they pulling a "Harry and Meghan" and called them "couple goals."

    Prince William's younger brother and his bride have definitely shown more public physical affection toward each other, possibly because he's no longer in the direct line to the throne or maybe because Meghan is American ... or maybe it's just their personalities. Whatever the reason, we've definitely seen more lip-locks between the Sussexes than we have the Cambridges. 

  • People on Twitter basically lost their collective minds over the PDA. 

  • No doubt that Prince William and Kate Middleton were reminiscing about their own wedding over seven years ago. We love seeing them just as in love today as they were back then too. They really are #goals.