Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooskbank's First Married Kiss Was Much Different From Harry & Meghan's

princess eugenie

No wedding is complete for a couple without a first kiss and royals are no exception. After Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank got married at St. George's Chapel on Friday, the pair had their first kiss in front of cheering fans, as royal couples are wont to do. After leaving the chapel Eugenie and Jack shared their first kiss on the steps outside, just as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did back in May.

  • After saying "I do," the newly minted husband and wife appeared on the chapel steps, happy and smiling. 

    princess eugenie

    According to People, Eugenie turned to her husband and said, "Do you want to kiss?"

    Obviously, it was a no-brainer for Jack, who immediately embraced his wife and planted one on her. 

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  • Typically, royal couples save their first kiss for when the wedding is over and they're in public.

    princess eugenie

    As far as royal PDA goes, we've gotta say: We're into Eugenie and Jack. 

  • A few months back, we saw Harry and Meghan do the same thing on the very same steps. 

    Harry and Meghan are rarely ones to shy away from PDA and there's no denying it: There was passion behind their first kiss as husband and wife. 

  • And of course, who could forget William and Kate's first kiss back in 2011 on the Buckingham Palace balcony?

    kate middleton
    Splash News

    Prince William and Kate Middleton aren't exactly known for being touchy-feely with each other when they're in public, so this moment will always be a treat for us. 

  • As far as first kisses go, Eugenie and Jack's was definitely about as picturesque as it gets. 

    But if we had to go with which couple had the steamiest kiss, well, that would be Harry and Meghan.