Princess Eugenie's Wedding Will Be Missing One Very Important Royal Guest

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Princess Eugenie
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Is this a major snub? It looks like one of the key members of the royal family is skipping out on Princess Eugenie's wedding with Jack Brooksbank this week. Apparently, Prince Charles's wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, has a previous engagement so won't be at Windsor Castle for the celebration on Friday. 

  • According to reports, Camilla already had her calendar booked for October 12. 

    Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles
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    The Mirror explained that Prince Charles's wife is scheduled to visit a school in Scotland on the day of her niece by marriage's wedding. It was booked before the date was set, and the Duchess of Cornwall doesn't want to disappoint the children by skipping out on them for the royal wedding. 

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  • Even a royal commentator weighed in that there's no animosity between Camilla and Eugenie. 

    Those royals take their duties very seriously, and Camilla wasn't about to back out of a previously scheduled engagement for the wedding. In another tweet, Victoria Arbiter explained, "It's at a school and was scheduled long before. I expect she doesn't want to disappoint the children. She will have spoken to Eugenie about it."

  • At least two other key members of the royal family have had their RSVPs confirmed, though. 

    Prince George, Princess Charlotte
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    It was announced earlier this week that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be part of the wedding party as a pageboy and a bridesmaid. Prince William and Kate Middleton's youngest, 6-month-old Prince Louis, probably won't be in attendance, but we're sure Eugenie won't take his absence personally. 

  • Of course we'll never know Princess Eugenie's true feelings about Camilla skipping out on her wedding, but we're sure she has more important things to think about.

    Like marrying the love of her life. It's only slightly more important that worrying about your uncle's wife's absence on your wedding day.