Matt Roloff Responds to Fan Criticism Over Family Pic

Matt Roloff

It looks like the frustrations of Little People, Big World fans did not fall on deaf ears! Matt Roloff addressed fan criticism after a number of LPBW viewers sounded off about a recent family photo he shared. The Roloff patriarch is doing his best to make things right that has people coming to his defense.

  • People might've thought the world was ending for the heat Matt caught after sharing this annual family photo.

    "Best part about Pumpkin Season. The traditional family photo. So happy Molly and Joel came to town to say happy Birthday to me :)))" Matt Roloff captioned in his "controversial" Instagram post.

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  • Folks were not too pleased (and that's putting it lightly) that Zach was missing from the photo ... and boy did they let Matt have it.

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  • So Matt did his best to remedy the situation.

    "I totally messed up my last post with this photo where I accidentally cropped Zach out. Whoops!" the reality star dad admitted in a recent Instagram post.

    "Sorry Zach ... how come you didn't bring it to my attention when I saw you and Jackson earlier today? Thankfully all wonderful folks on the 'Gram' have us covered. And I got the memo loud and clear when I looked back at the comments. Thanks to everyone that pointed that out. I'll do better going forward -- you can never believed how hard it is to pull these photos together."

  • ... sharing not one, but two family photos to make it up to fans.

    "As award for messing up the last photo ... I'll give you this one taken the same day," Matt wrote in his recent Instagram message to fans. "Except it was taken on a different part of the farm for a very different purpose. Soon as this project is complete we'll let everyone see it."

  • Luckily, LPBW peeps have been cutting Matt some slack.

    Tori Roloff Instagram comment

    Tori Roloff for the win, ha ha.

  • Because, obviously, Matt loves his son Zach.

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  • Hey, mistakes happen (LOL.)

    Keep your head up, Matt.