20 Times Meghan Markle Was Anything but Camera-Ready

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There's no two ways about it: Meghan Markle always looks flawless and like she's ready to partake in a Vogue photo shoot at a moment's notice. But still, that doesn't mean she's always ready for the camera. Sure, she must be mostly aware of the fact that photographers are going to be snapping away whenever she's out in public, but with everything she has on her plate, how could looking perfect for each and every picture be at the forefront of her brain all the time? 

While it's incredibly difficult (impossible?) for the Duchess of Sussex to look bad in a photo, it's not uncommon to see her sort of oblivious of the fact that there's a camera in her face -- and that makes us love her even more. 

Because she arrived in London with Hollywood starlet roots, it's no surprise that, when the occasion calls for it, Meghan can work it for the cameras. (See her engagement photos and pretty much every photo taken of her at the royal wedding.) In fact, if we may be so bold, we'd go as far as to say that Meghan is the most photogenic member of the royal family. That said, every so often a photographer gets a shot of the duchess where she's just not ready. (But yes, she still looks amazing.)

At the end of the day, duchesses are people too, and nobody's ready for the camera 24/7. Sorry, that's not how it works -- even for royals. From complete oblivion that a photographer's a foot from her face to it momentarily slipping her mind that there's a gaggle of people clamoring to get a shot of her, here's 20 times Meghan Markle wasn't ready for the camera. 

  • I Need a Moment 

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    When you're trying to have a moment, but the cameras are up in your face. 

  • That Commonwealth Day Moment 


    Clearly Meghan was unaware of cameras when she and Prince Harry chuckled after Liam Payne's performance at the Commonwealth Day service. Inside joke anyone?

  • Surprise!

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    Did Meghan run into someone she knows? Or was she just shocked by the bazillion people clamoring to see her? Either way, she wasn't focused on the cameras, that's for sure!

  • Ooooh!

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    Whether Meghan knew she was being photographed or not, one thing is for sure: Her highlighter game was on point. 

  • Heads Up!

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    Who has time to think about the cameras when they're focusing on their jump shot?

  • Move, Please

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    Who can be focused on smiling when they're trying to make a break for it?

  • Wait a Minute ... 

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    We're not sure if Meghan isn't ready for the camera here or so ready for the camera here. 

  • In Other News ... 

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    It's a proven fact that nobody is "camera-ready" when they're mid-kiss. 

  • When You're Trying to Have a Private Moment With Your Boo ... 

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    But the cameras are still up in your face. 

  • Ugghhh

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    When Meghan went to Wimbledon with Kate Middleton this year, she wasn't feeling the paparazzi. 

  • Seriously, Uggghhh!

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    Meghan wasn't feeling the paparazzi at all

  • Caught Off Guard

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    Both Meghan and Harry look like they were caught off guard here. 

  • Contemplating

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    Whatever Meghan is contemplating here, she looks awfully lovely doing it. 

  • Perfect Paparazzi Shot 

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    Watch out, boss lady coming through!

  • Couple Moment 

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    It's hard to imagine Harry and Meghan didn't see the cameras in their faces here, but obviously they didn't care. 

  • When You're Having So Much Fun ... 

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    ... That you've forgotten about the cameras!

  • Time for a Touch-Up 

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    Even duchesses need to smooth their flyaways from time to time. 

  • And While They're at It ... 

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    ... They need to touch up their fascinators, too!

  • Getting Situated 

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    Can a woman get situated in peace?!

  • Living Her Life 

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    Fixing her hair, not looking at the camera, holding a tiny stuffed animal -- sometimes a duchess has just gotta live her life. 

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