Anna Faris's Pic Criticized for Being 'Too Thin' Has People Coming to Her Defense


Anna Faris is one actress who isn't afraid to show her goofy side. Aside from appearing in must-watch comedies, she's constantly posting silly stuff to Instagram -- whether it's an awkward throwback or a quirky caption on an otherwise normal photo. So when Anna Faris shared a pant-less picture of herself next to some garbage, she likely thought she was being funny. But sadly, many didn't see it that way and decided to take jabs at the single mom about being too thin.

  • Apparently, some people thought Anna looked "shockingly thin" in her now-deleted Instagram pic, resulting in a flood of body-shaming comments.

    According to TMZ, responses to Anna's appearance ranged from "you look so unhealthy, eat," to "I feel this pic is a cry for help, I hope you get the help you need."

    Ugh, can you not?

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  • Since deleting her post -- likely in response to such harsh criticism -- fans showed their support on another of the celeb mom's pics on the 'Gram.

  • They told the actress that they thought the mean comments were ridiculous -- because they were!

    Instagram comments

    Sadly, Anna Faris isn't the first celeb to get bullied for being "too thin."

  • If fact, Anna looked perfect to them, no matter her size.

    (*Claps enthusiastically*)

  • There were also people who could relate to the bullying Anna endured.

    Instagram comments

    Say it together, now: Just because someone looks too skinny to you doesn't mean that person is unhealthy!

    When will people understand that we all have different body types?

  • What we really should be focusing on is how freakin' talented and funny Anna is.

    Her TV show Mom, the Scary Movie series, and The House Bunny are all proof of this. 

  • Sorry, Anna, you had to endure bullying in the form of fake concern.

    But we're happy to take this opportunity to show our love for the star. Keep doing you, Anna!

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