JWoww & Roger Mathews: A Relationship Timeline, From the 'Jersey Shore' & Beyond

Madison Breaux | Oct 3, 2018 Celebrities
JWoww & Roger Mathews: A Relationship Timeline, From the 'Jersey Shore' & Beyond

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The news of Jenni"/JWoww" Farley filing for divorce from Roger Mathews shocked Jersey Shore fans. It's hard to imagine these two, who have built a solid foundation together after close to a decade together, won't be sharing in each other's lives anymore, romantically speaking. (We're still crossing our fingers they're reconcile.) While these two had their fair share of crazy nights and wild escapades, they always seemed solid together. (What's a relationship without a few ups and downs?) Honestly, it seems like we've been riding the roller-coaster of their time together for a long time now, especially since the two met way back when Jersey Shore was just starting. So to see their journey together end after just three years of marriage is heartbreaking for sure.

It's been fun to see where all of the old cast members of Jersey Shore ended up (it's been even easier now that Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has aired two seasons), but it seems as though JWoww and her hubby were the most focused on their careers and their family. The two share two kids together and even had their own TV series that revolved around their lives. 

Needless to say, the two have done well for themselves and their children. 

Yes, they've come along way, but sadly, it seems as though their time together has reached an end -- even though their fans have enthusiastically protested. And just because their journey as a married couple might be coming to a close doesn't mean we still can't appreciate how they got there in the first place. Here's a look back at JWoww and Roger's relationship over the years. From bar fights in the nightclub to getting dinner on the kitchen table, these two have been through it all.

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