Meghan Markle's Most Expensive Royal Outfits to Date

Madison Breaux | Oct 5, 2018 Celebrities
Meghan Markle's Most Expensive Royal Outfits to Date
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Meghan Markle
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Joining the royal family is no easy feat. New manners must be learned, foods are restricted, and most importantly, an entirely updated wardrobe is a must. Before her HRH status, former actress Meghan Markle had a cool-girl, California vibe to her clothing choices. She loved to Instagram her latest outfits and show off her toned legs, but now that she's having regular rendezvous with the queen, all of that is a thing of the past. However, what she lost in the freedom to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts, she gained in a show-stopping designer wardrobe. Yup -- ever since she started making public appearances with Prince Harry, she's upped her fashion game.

Everything she has to wear now needs to follow those strict royal protocols, so what better excuse for buying designer styles than that? In the last couple of months, Meghan has stepped out in custom Givenchy, Stella McCartney, and Carolina Herrara ... just to name a few. 

And yes, her budget is out of control. Since her engagement to Prince Harry, the duchess has worn about $1 million worth of clothes, and it's also reported that Prince Charles is footing the bill for all of that. That's some father-in-law. 

Although Meghan hasn't been a royal long enough to tell if she's going to follow in Kate Middleton's footsteps and rewear a lot of her pieces, with clothes as expensive as this, we certainly hope she plans on digging back into her closet from time to time. Until then, we'll enjoy her extravagance while it lasts. Here are 20 of Meghan's most expensive royal outfits to date.

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