Blake Lively Catches Heat for Pic With a Nude Man Who Isn't Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively

If you follow Blake Lively on Instagram, you know the actress loves to joke around. She'll purposely crop out her husband, Ryan Reynolds, from a birthday post, make fun of her own outfit, or reference her old show, Gossip Girl. Yet, when Blake Lively posted a pic with a nude man -- who isn't her husband -- fans weren't laughing ... they were confused, with some people kinda of pissed.

  • Blake recently took to the 'Gram to share this photo ... and it's pretty risqué.

    "My turn ..." the celeb mom captioned in her Instagram post, tagging her new movie, A Simple Favor, and hubby Ryan Reynolds's gin company, Aviation American Gin.

    Blake has been promoting A Simple Favor for a few months now. Remember when she deleted her Instagram posts, unfollowing everyone that sparked rumors she and Ryan are divorcing -- and only followed 38 women named Emily Nelson (LOL)? Yeah, this Hollywood actress is dedicated to her craft.

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  • People are a little confused about what exactly is going on.

    Instagram comments

    They didn't get what the picture had to do with the movie or why Blake was posing with a naked guy who, clearly, was not Ryan.

  • Some felt that this mystery man, pictured with his legs up, was being objectified.

    Instagram comments

    People really wondered what would happen if the roles were reversed. Would the comments be the same, or would there be more outrage?

  • But that was likely the point of the whole post!

    Instagram comments

    Women have posed naked with men for years, and there have been no problems. That's probably what Blake meant by saying it was her "turn." Now she's wearing the suit and a guy is in the sexy pose!

  • As far as winning comments go, that honor goes to Ryan Reynolds, who never misses a beat.

    Instagram comment

     Clearly, Ryan is not upset or confused by the post -- probably because he's had his fair share of R-rated scenarios in Deadpool.

  • Moral of the story? It's not that serious!

    Just another casual, drama-filled day in the life of Serena -- err ... Blake!