Ashton Kutcher Is Winning Hearts Because of What He Did for Demi Moore's Daughter

Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS

Ashton Kutcher
Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS

Just because people get divorced doesn't mean things have to be messy among the parties -- children included. Ashton Kutcher is being praised for signing over the house he shares with Demi Moore's daughter Rumer that has people calling him a "great guy" with a "good heart."

  • The two reportedly went 50-50 on a Hollywood Hills home back in 2009, with Ashton signing over his half of the home to Rumer -- making her sole owner.

    Ashton Kutcher and Rumer Willis
    Splash News; SAF/Splash News
    New documents show that the co-ownership has ended as Rumer Willis has full ownership of the house, E! News reports.
    Ashton and his stepdaughter's mom, Demi Moore, divorced in 2013 after eight years of marriage. He's since moved on, marrying his That '70s Show costar, Mila Kunis, whom he shares two children with: daughter Wyatt, 3, and son Dimitri, 1.
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  • Because of the agreement, things could have easily gotten messy, but it seems like all went pretty smoothly.

    It's unclear whether Ashton simply handed over the house to Rumer or whether she paid him for it -- records show the house "sold" for $572,500 in August -- but people still have a lot of feelings on the subject.

  • Folks can't help but sing Ashton's praises on Facebook.

    Facebook comments

    Judging by the comments, people seem to agree this was a sweet thing to do.

  • Some pointed out that Rumer isn't even his biological daughter, yet he still treats her like one.

    Facebook comments

    Mila Kunis backed up this claim not too long ago on Marc Maron's podcast, asserting that when Ashton was married to Demi, he really did help raise her three daughters. "Yeah, he was younger but he loved those kids," she said.

  • So now Rumer has her house, Ashton is a good guy, and everyone is happy.

    We love it!

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