19 Reasons Jinger Duggar Is the Biggest Rebel of the Family

Nicole Pomarico | Sep 27, 2018 Celebrities
19 Reasons Jinger Duggar Is the Biggest Rebel of the Family

Jinger Duggar

Ever since she was a kid on 19 Kids & Counting, fans have felt like Jinger Duggar was going to grow up to be the rebel of the bunch. Not only did she talk about moving to a big city when she got older, but she was also passionate about psychology and seemed to have a much looser sense of humor than the rest of her extremely conservative family did. And now that she's married and a mom herself, it seems like that rebel streak never died in her. So far, Jinger is actually the biggest rebel in the family, and the more we see of her on Counting On and on Instagram, the more we're convinced of that fact -- and it seems like husband Jeremy Vuolo is seriously pushing her to broaden her horizons.

We love that this woman makes the rules for herself instead of following the ones that seemed to be imposed upon her during her childhood, whether that means she's changing up her personal dress code or raising her new daughter, Felicity, in the ways that she thinks is best. This girl is a total rebel in the best way possible -- and we love how she manages to be her own person without disrespecting her family at the same time.

We've adored watching Jinger grow up on Counting On, and it's been so much fun to see her as an adult, especially since she's doing things so differently from the way her parents have. Is it just us, or is she also inspiring her sister, Jill Duggar, to do the same? We're just saying that we've seen Jill get a nose ring and wear pants in recent months, so it seems like Jinger might be sparking a bit of a mini-rebellion through her own actions, too.  

Here are all the ways that Jinger has been the biggest rebel of the family. It's not clear whether  her younger siblings will follow in her path as they get older and start lives of their own, but if they want to, she's certainly paving the way for them to do so.

  • She's Always Had Big Dreams


    From the time Jinge was a little girl, she was open about the fact that she wanted to strike out on her own. We love that never seems to have changed from her -- Jinger is out there pursuing her own life in her own way.

  • She Married Someone Different From Her Family


    Jeremy is different from the men of the Duggar family -- and even different backgrounds than the men that Jinger's sisters have married. Jeremy's a college-educated former soccer player who's started his own career without the help of Jinger's father ... we'd say that's different in the best way possible.

  • She Dares to Go Sleeveless


    We were so excited when Jinger started showing up on social media wearing clothes that never would have been purchased while she was living under Jim Bob and Michelle's roof! Look: She has shoulders!

  • And She Even Wears Skinny Jeans


    And look at those legs! These days, it seems nothing is off-limits for Jinger -- she loves wearing her jeans, leggings, and tank tops, and somehow, she still pulls off that conservative trendy look that she and her sisters are all known for.

  • She's Kept Her Photography Dreams Alive


    Although Duggar women's dreams sometimes fall to the wayside after marriage, Jinger has held tight to her photography passion, and often shares the shots she's taken on Instagram. If she ever wants to cross into the world of being a working mama, she could definitely go pro.

  • She Started Her Own Life in Texas 


    Although Jill and Derick did move away to Central America for awhile, they're back in Arkansas now, and the rest of the fam lives relatively close to Jim Bob and Michelle. But Jinger and Jeremy made a break for it to Laredo, Texas, where she's far from her family -- maybe just far enough to live life on her own terms without having to hear their commentary.

  • She Didn't Have Children Immediately After Marriage


    Jinger and Jeremy didn't announce their pregnancy until after they'd been married for over a year, which is certainly a different path than her other married sisters have taken. This has also led to speculation that Jinger was on birth control, but the jury's still out on that one. If she was, though? Rebel to the max. 

  • She Watches Reality TV


    Now that she's a Texas resident, Jinger's made many trips to Magnolia Silos -- the market owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines, of Fixer Upper fame. Even though she's on a show herself, the Duggar fam has been staunchly anti-TV through the years ... but it seems like Jinger's slipping in a little HGTV here and there.

  • She's Doing Motherhood Her Own Way


    Jinger has been the victim of mom-shaming for every reason under the sun, including putting this adorable hat on Felicity's head. This lady doesn't let it get to her, though -- she just disables the comments on posts where things get out of hand. Good for you, mama! 

  • She Didn't Want a Home Birth


    The rest of Jinger's family have been all about the home births when it comes to welcoming their kids in the world, but not Jinger -- this lady was all about modern hospital technology. In fact, on Counting On, it was revealed that Jinger never considered home birth and instead toured birthing centers where she could give birth with hospital access nearby. Doing her own thing!

  • She & Jeremy Have Traveled a Lot Together


    One of the perks of not starting a family right away? Jinger and Jeremy had the chance to do a lot of traveling and sightseeing in the first year of their marriage, when it was just the two of them. And that's just another one of the ways that she's done things differently than the rest of her family.

  • She Even Dared to Wear Sweatpants Outdoors

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    The weather outside is frightful.

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    We've seen the Duggars wear skirts to play just about any sport and to go outside in just about any weather, but it looks like Jinger traded hers in for sweatpants -- and we must say, she looks good!

  • She Didn't Follow All the Courtship Rules


    Jeremy and Jinger have been open about the fact that they made their own courtship rules, and it seems to have served them well -- almost two years into their marriage, they seem just as happy and in love as can be.

  • She's Even Worn Shorts in Public 


    When Jinger first wore shorts in public, the Internet just couldn't get enough. She looks so adorable here with a fan, and she's getting to dress appropriately for the hot Texas weather without exposing anything she may not want to. It can be done, folks!

  • She's All About Having New Experiences With Her Husband


    Whether they were taking a cooking class on their honeymoon or visiting flea markets like they are in this photo, Jeremy and Jinger have chosen to have adventures together now that they're husband and wife, rather than get busy having kids the second the knot is tied. In case you can't tell, there are definitely advantages to doing things their way!

  • She Doesn't Feel Like She Needs to Button Up Around Jeremy's Family


    Jinger recently sported this adorable above-the-knee dress and heels when Jeremy's family came to visit, and they didn't seem to bat an eye at the act that her knees were visible. We love that she's so comfortable around her in-laws and can be herself.

  • She's Never Been Afraid of a Little PDA 


    And honestly, if you were part of a couple this adorable, you probably wouldn't be either. 

  • She Doesn't Exclusively Thrift 


    Jinger shared this photo straight from the Laredo outlets, where she took her brothers when they visited her. Although Jim Bob and Michelle have always preached "buy used and save the difference," Jinger isn't afraid to buy brand new clothes, even on a budget. 

  • She & Jeremy Reportedly Hold Their Own Christian Beliefs


    We've heard about Jim Bob and Michelle's strict religious beliefs, but what about Jinger and Jeremy? Reportedly, they dare to have their own beliefs independently of what their families think. We've gotta respect them for this particular act of rebellion.

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