Matt Roloff's Pic With Caryn Has 'Little People, Big World' Fans Creeped Out

Matt Roloff

With pumpkin season fast approaching, it looks like this Little People, Big World duo is ready getting Roloff Farm ready. Matt Roloff's photo with Caryn Chandler has fans kinda freaked out. And now that we've taken a bit of time to soak everything in, we can understand why (LOL).

  • Matt and Caryn are all smiles next to a trio of "ghost people" that's making folks do a double take.

    "One thing we do @rolofffarms for the last several years is put up 'ghost people' in and around our forest and fire pit for visitors on the wagon tour to enjoy," Matt Roloff shared in his Instagram post. "It a fun little visual that Sven came up with.. ok ..ok.. it’s a little weird! But anyway...Here I am with @carynchandler1 and Lucy melting in with some of the gang."

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  • Needless to say, LPBW fans don't know what the heck to think.

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  • ... except that the new additions look "scary as hell."

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  • People are legit creeped out.

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    See what y'all did, Matt and Caryn (haha)?

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  • And are freaked out to the highest level of "freakedoutedness."

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  • Way to go, you two.

    Talk about turning up the fear factor, LOL.