40 Times the Kardashian Kids Stole the Show

Madison Breaux | Sep 27, 2018 Celebrities
40 Times the Kardashian Kids Stole the Show

Chicago West True Thompson

OK -- everyone loves the Kardashian kids. Sorry, there's just no denying it. Sure, their moms are cool and famous and all, but there's absolutely no beating the adorableness of North West or Penelope Disick. With so many Kardashian kiddos to choose from, it's hard to narrow it down to just one -- especially when they are all so great in their own way! And well, let's just say, Kris Jenner is one lucky grandma. She has a number of adorable grandchildren that are already surpassing their parents in popularity in some ways. Sorry Kardashian sisters, but the next generation of Kar-Jenners is here and ready to take over! And it's pretty obvious we're going to let them.

Being descendants of the Kardashians, these kids were pretty much born into the spotlight, but they have taken this privilege and run with it! From their fashion to their sassy personalities, the Kar-Jenner kiddos are the rulers of Calabasas and could quickly dethrone their parents. 

Now, just because we've known Kourtney and Kim's older kids for longer doesn't mean we should forget about the three newest additions to the Kardashian clan. True Thomspon, Stormi Webster, and Chicago West are the fresh faces on the scene and have already made quite the splash in the family. Not to mention these three babies are already Instagram famous -- as most Kardashians are.

Needless to say we can't wait to see how these kids grow up, and because we can't play any favorite when it comes to these kiddos, here are all the times the Kardashian kids completely stole the show away from their parents.

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