Joy-Anna Duggar Shows Off 7-Month-Old Baby Gideon in New Pictures

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth

She is clearly loving this mom thing! Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth took to Instagram this week to show off some new pictures of her little guy, Gideon, and it looks like mother and son are living their best life together. 

  • Joy shared a series of photos on her Instagram Story, and we can't get over what a happy baby Gideon is!

    Joy and Austin Forsyth welcomed their first child in February, after she was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section. She had attempted a home birth, but it was discovered after several hours of labor that Gideon was breech, and would require medical intervention to greet the world safely. 

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  • He may have had a rough arrival, but Gideon seems to have gotten over it.

    We love this shot of the new mom loving on her baby son. The sparkle in her eyes says everything we need to know about how she's doing with motherhood so far. Sure, we all have our days -- and Joy is no exception -- but she seems like she was made for this. 

  • And speaking of those sparkling eyes...

    There's no doubt Gideon is Austin's progeny, and Joy has even shared side-by-side photos of father and son to show how alike they look. But in this photo, his eyes are all Joy's. 

  • With all the drama Joy had to deal with for getting married so young, we're glad to see her thriving so much with her son.

    There were even all those ridiculous rumors about hers being a shotgun wedding. She had a lot to emotionally deal with at a young age, and being in the public eye didn't help. We're glad to see her living her best life with Gideon, and to heck what anyone says about her.