Amy Roloff's New Family Photos Have 'Little People, Big World' Fans in Awe

Amy Roloff

As silly as it sounds, we can't help but feel all the feels when the Roloffs come together, and this gathering is certainly no exception. (Sure we see them on Little People, Big World, but we really do love keeping up with their family.) Amy Roloff's photos with her family are truly wonderful and all about celebration and coming together in the name of love.

  • Amy shared a series of loving snaps on Instagram after her family (and some friends) came together to celebrate her birthday.

    "What a wonderful birthday day I had ... spending time and celebrating with lots of love with my kids, Chris and friends!" Amy Roloff wrote in her Instagram post. "Thank you for thinking of me and sending all the thoughtful birthday wishes. I was blessed and felt loved."

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  • We know this family is close, but it's so heartwarming to see everyone together having a good time.

    Hey, Jacob Roloff!

  • LPBW fans love seeing Amy with the people she's proud to call family.

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    Heck, they lose it when Matt and Amy come together.

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  • And think she deserves nothing but the best.

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    True, true.

  • Amy, you need to frame these photos.

    They're so good!