Jenna Dewan's 'Natural Look' Pic Reignites Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jenna Dewan

Oh the day when we can let a celebrity be without accusing said celeb of going under the knife. Poor Jenna Dewan's "natural look" photo is catching a bit of heat as a number of her "fans" can't help but take jabs and accuse the celeb mom of getting plastic surgery.

  • Jenna is slayed for the high heavens in her pic for the 'Gram.

    "The The 2 hour natural look," Jenna Dewan joked in her Instagram post.

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  • Many people love the celeb mom's look.

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  • Others, however, hit below the belt.

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    Here we go ...

  • And are accusing Jenna of getting "too much plastic surgery."

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    Poor Jenna Dewan can't catch a break.

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  • Seriously? Have a seat.

    ... several seats.

  • For starters, who the heck cares whether Jenna did or didn't get some work done? It's her body and her business.

    People don't deserve so much scrutiny about how their physical features look -- even if they're celebrities. Jenna looks beautiful and, more importantly, happy.

    That's all that should really matter.