Jinger Duggar's Husband Shares a New Smiley Photo of Baby Felicity That's to Die For

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar

We cannot get enough of this father-daughter duo! Jeremy Vuolo shared another adorable selfie of him with his baby daughter, Felicity, and we totally get why Jinger Duggar can't stop gushing about her man every chance she gets. 

  • Jer shared this sweet new photo of his 2-month-old daughter and captioned it, "She’s all smiles these days."

    Jinger and Jeremy welcomed Felicity Nicole on July 19, after nearly two years of marriage. Jinge went with a planned induction near her due date, given her family history of late, large babies who needed emergency C-sections, and we've been admiring this little girl from afar ever since. 

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  • Not as much as Jeremy though, who is obviously smitten with his new baby daughter. 

    He's shared several photos of his baby girl, including one of her attending an online class with him! What else is a seminary student supposed to do when the new mama needs a break?

  • Jer has been there for his girls right from the start. 

    Jinger told Us Weekly after Felicity's birth that Jer was the best husband ever in the delivery room. She said, "He was right there beside me the entire time, giving me encouraging words to press on. There were several times I told him, 'It hurts so bad, I can't do it anymore.' And he'd say, 'I know it hurts, but you're stronger.' I could not have asked for a better partner."

  • We have no doubt these photos are just the beginning of Jeremy's love obsession with his daughter.  

    We can't say we blame him. She's pretty dang perfect.