Video of Matt Roloff Playing Pickleball on Crutches Has Fans Blown Away

Matt Roloff playing tennis on crutches

Looks like we have a tennis star in the Little People, Big World crew! Matt Roloff playing pickleball with his crutches is definitely a must see. Aside from being straight-up awesome, it's a testament to the Roloff patriarch's will as he reportedly is unable to walk without support.

  • Matt's girlfriend, Caryn, took to Instagram to share the footage.

    "Off to sunny Surprise this week for some R&R ... " Caryn Chandler writes in her Instagram post. "We got creative & turned Matt's crutch into a support for his pickle ball racket. How neat is that? :)) Good job Matt."

    Pickleball, the game Matt is playing, is similar to tennis but involves a paddle instead of a racket and a perforated ball instead of a tennis ball.
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  • Roloff fans love every minute of Matt playing pickleball.

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  • And think he's so awesome -- and a great player.

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  • Keep up the great work, Matt!

    It does look like lots of fun.