Kim Kardashian Admits She Uses Makeup to Bribe Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

Kim Kardashian, North West

She's letting her 5-year-old wear makeup, and she doesn't care what anyone thinks. Kim Kardashian debuts her new lipstick collection today and found the perfect makeup model to help her promote it. North West showed off her mama's new lipstick (and her mad contouring skills) on Instagram on Thursday, and Kim let the mommy-shamers have it before they even started in. 

  • Kim shared a series of videos to her Instagram Stories a day before her Classic Blossom collection hit the market on Friday.

    She added the caption "Contour Queen" along with a crown emoji, and we couldn't agree more! As for North, she looks like she's having the time of her life playing with mommy's makeup. What 5-year-old wouldn't be thrilled?

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  • Just look at those mad brush skills. 

    North is clearly a makeup genius in the making, and it's not like it doesn't run in the family. Maybe in a few years she'll even intern for Auntie Kylie Jenner at Kylie Cosmetics? We're sure it will be worth at least a trillion dollars by the time North is a teenager. 

  • In another video, North was buckled into her car seat, modeling a much more demure look. 

    She added text over the video explaining that North was wearing shade #6 of her new collection of pink lipsticks, and even thwarted the mommy-shamers. She added, "Relax ... It's coming off in a few mins. I just needed a bribe to get out of the door … you feel me?!?!?!"

    Yup, we're pretty sure any moms who have ever wrangled kids out the door can relate -- at least the ones being honest with themselves. 
  • We can't blame Kim a bit for going on the defensive, especially after the recent backlash she got over North's bathing suit. 

    Yup, people got offended by a 5-year-old in a bathing suit. In August. Some people can take anything and make it into a scandal, and we're sure it's the same people upset by North's bikini who would raise a fuss over her wearing lipstick to play dress-up with her mom.