Khloe Kardashian's Choice to Be True's Godmother Is Stirring Up Major Drama

True Thompson Khloe Kardashian snapchat filter

If you thought there was enough drama in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you better make room for more. Before the new season even started, we were wondering about mounting tension between Kourtney and the family. Now, since Khloe Kardashian has officially honored Kim with the title of godmother, we're wondering if Kourtney is a little more than just 'disappointed.'

  • Kourtney and Khloe seem like best friends in pictures like these.

    Yet there's clearly more going on beneath the surface. Kourtney has spoken up about Kim calling her "the least exciting to look at," and other emotional abuse that happens inside the doors of the Kardashian manor. It seems like she's finally had enough -- after calling her family "disgusting" and mentioning their "different values," this may very well be the blow that makes Kourtney exit.

    It's also worth mentioning that Kourtney said her and Khloe "haven't been as close" -- a key contributing factor as to why Khloe may have chosen Kim.

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  • And let's not forget Kim and Kourtney's big fight.

    How would you feel if someone you considered an "evil human being" got closer to someone you used to be close with and took the godmother spot that you thought you deserved? That's basically the rundown of the recent Kardashian sister feud.

    Khloe said she made the decision based on which girl's parenting style was closer to hers -- but the decision has still poured gas on the fire of Kourtney and Kim's rocky relationship.

  • Let's watch this unfold.

    "Congratulations," Kourtney says to Kim, digging her spoon into her dish. "It's OK. I've gone back and forth, I told you; first I had you, then I had Kim, then I have you again..." 

    "What made you kick me off [the list]?" Kim asks innocently.

  • Yikes. We are not involved.

    With baby True's arrival, it doesn't seem like Khloe has changed her mind. Although Kourtney seemed pretty confident at the time of filming that Khloe would eventually come around, the godmother decision has remained the same. Will Khloe and Kourtney ever be as close again? 

    One thing's for sure: we're ecstatic to see the Kardashians finally get family therapy.