New Kardashians 'You Kiddin Me' Trailer Has Us Rolling With Laughter

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She's kiddin' all right! When Kim Kardashian first dropped the news that she was producing a new family oriented show back in March, we were smitten with how North and Saint had inspired the concept. Now, this long-awaited, 10-episode series is set to air on September 22 -- complete with a sneak preview filled to the brim with laughs! Let's break down this trailer together, shall we?

  • #FrenchKrissing

    In this sketch, the joke seems to be that Kris is the featured artist at a gallery -- where she didn't know what her daughters were going to make her present.

    Question: How much time and energy did it take to paint that? Who was tasked with creating the Renaissance-level "French Krissing" piece? Most importantly: how much is it going for and can we buy it?

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  • The girls turn Kris into Kris-zilla.

    Perhaps taking on the role of the "tortured artist," the girls tell Kris to tear up the gallery -- throw-down style. The art gala audience was there to see paintings of prestige, but upon the ill reaction to "French Krissing," it seems a revolt was staged.

    Rightfully so! How dare anyone mock her masterpiece?!

  • We don't even KNOW what's going on here.

    Girl, what is happening?

    What a card. Especially with North and Saint contributing to the show, Kris will be game for anything they say. "I'm literally going to pee in my pants," Kylie says, laughing through her words. We don't even know the joke yet, but we're with you Kylie.

  • You Kiddin Me is bringing the whole family together!

    This is all we've seen, but there's much more to come.

    Although North and Saint aren't anywhere to be seen in the trailer itself, they still may be coming up with some ideas. One thing's for sure, the show does feature a bunch of kids pranking their mom -- even if it is the Kardashian girls. Grown-ups or not, Kim and the gang are showing everyone that fun has no age limit. Perhaps now with her family friendly turn, we can all forget about her dabblings in adult entertainment.