All the Ways the Kardashian Kids Are Different From Their Famous Parents

Kayla Gleeson | Sep 17, 2018 Celebrities
All the Ways the Kardashian Kids Are Different From Their Famous Parents

Kim Kardashian Chicago Saint North West

Back in July, Kylie Jenner did a Q&A video where she gets asked: "Which one of Stormi's features reminds you most about you when you were younger?" She immediately replies, "She's my twin," going on to list all the things they have in common: their "big eyes," their "3-head," and even their matching ears. But before Stormi was born, Kylie's best friend, Jordyn Woods, posed a question that made us think. "What if she's, like, anti-makeup?"

While it's too early to know for sure, it had us wondering about all the different personalities the K-Kids have -- and just how different they might be from their moms and dads. After all, they are their own little people, so they just might wind up straying from the family norms.

It's no secret that sometimes Kim's kids are like mini-clones -- and from what we've heard, Kourtney has considered freezing her eggs this year to possibly extend her family in the future. Looks aside, it's nature vs. nurture when it comes to the kind of person the kids become. Khloe has already gone on record by saying that baby True is her "best friend." With the family tree growing out its roots, we're curious to see how much influence each parent will have on their differences. Which kid do you think takes a personality of their own? Will the modeling gene run in the family? Who is the most likely to work for NASA instead?

One thing's for sure, we're excited to see these kids grow up together. North, Saint, Chicago, Stormi, True, Mason, Penelope, and Reign are sure to become individuals who give the world their own original flair. 

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