The Most Infamous & Shocking Royal Family Feuds

Madison Breaux | Sep 17, 2018 Celebrities
The Most Infamous & Shocking Royal Family Feuds
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The Royal Family
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Let's get one thing straight: Families have drama. Big, small, royal, non-royal, there's always going to be some sort of tension bubbling up at some point with any type of family. But because England's royal family is constantly in the spotlight, we hear about their drama quite a bit. Honestly, it's hard to imagine the pressures these royals are under at all times, so a little tiff every now and again is totally understandable, but some of the royal feuds have gotten pretty extreme and even lasted the course of a couple of decades. If there's one thing to take away from all of this, it's that the royal family holds grudges, and things can get pretty nasty if the wrong person is crossed.

From divorce drama to sibling rivalry, the royal family has dealt with it all. Queen Elizabeth may be an expert at ruling her people after decades on the job, but at this point, she's also a pro at diffusing drama and tension among her relatives.

But Queen E isn't immune to being in the middle of things either. The monarch has beef with some of the members of her family, and Lord help whoever has ticked her off. We certainly wouldn't want to be on the queen's bad side. 

But aside from the Queen, the royals still have a lot of drama going on, and by the looks of things, we don't think they'll ever calm down. Sure, there are times when the pot is fairly still, but all it takes is a little jealousy or anger to stir it right back up again. And so, here are all of the most iconic and perhaps shocking royal family feuds. Who knew the royals had this much pent up aggression?

  • Camilla Parker Bowles vs. Kate Middleton

    Kate Middleton Camilla Parker Bowles
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    OK, so Camilla definitely isn't a fan favorite when it comes to members of the royal family, and a recent report revealed that the Duchess of Cornwall once tried to break up Prince William and Kate while they were still dating.

    Uhhhh, yeah, that certainly isn't going to help her popularity, and now we understand why Kate always seems a little cold toward Camilla. And with good reason!

  • Prince Philip vs. Sarah Ferguson

    Sarah Ferguson
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    Prince Philip has reportedly never forgiven Sarah, Duchess of York (Fergie), for the drama and scandal she caused by cheating on Prince Andrew, and now that the two have to be in the same room for Princess Eugenie's wedding -- things might be tense.

  • Diana's Family vs. The Royals

    Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip
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    Queen Elizabeth reportedly wasn't a huge fan of the speech Diana's brother Charles delivered at her funeral. She felt that he didn't honor her the way that he should have, and instead, focused on the harsh media attention that surrounded her.

  • Prince Charles vs. Princess Diana

    Princess Diana Prince Charles Prince William
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    This might be the most iconic feud in royal family history. There was a lot of tension, shame, and scandal involved with the divorce of Charles and Diana, and quite frankly, we are still living in the aftermath. 

  • Prince Charles vs. Prince Andrew

    Prince Andrew
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    These two brothers have reportedly never really gotten along, perhaps because of Charles being the heir apparent. Now that Prince Andrew's daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, are even further down the line of succession, things may be more tense than ever.

  • Princes Charles vs. Beatrice and Eugenie

    Princess Eugenie Princess Beatrice
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    Apparently Prince Charles believes that Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice don't deserve full-time royal status. Ouch. His belief has not only caused some issues between him and the two princesses, but as also added to his feud with his own brother, Prince Andrew.

  • Queen Elizabeth vs. Prince Charles

    Queen Elizabeth Camilla Parker Bowles
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    The drama with Prince Charles and Camilla caused all kinds of rifts in the royal family. According to People, the queen is still adamant about her disapproval of Camilla, and once called her "that wicked woman."

    She's not pulling any punches.

  • Beatrice & Eugenie vs. Meghan Markle

    Princess Beatrice Princess Eugenie
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    When Meghan and Harry have kids (hopefully soon), that will put Princess Eugenie and Beatrice further down the line for the throne, and this might cause a little jealousy between the princess sisters.

    Plus, Beatrice and Eugenie aren't allowed to wear tiaras -- but Meghan is. Draaama.

  • Princess Eugenie vs. Kate Middleton

    Kate Middleton
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    Oh boy. So, Princess Eugenie apparently doesn't want Kate Middleton at her wedding because she's worried the Duchess of Cambridge might upstage her.

    Seriously? Kate may be our beloved duchess, but at the end of the day, Eugenie is the bride. Let's just focus on your upcoming marriage, yeah?

  • Thomas Markle vs. The Royal Family

    Meghan Markle
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    Well this is a broken record if we've ever heard one. Ever since Meghan and Harry got together, Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, has been causing all sorts of trouble for the royal family. At this point, we're all dreading when it next media escapade is going to be. 

  • Queen E vs. James Middleton

    Carole Middleton James Middleton
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    This one we didn't expect. James Middleton once revealed in an interview that it can be "frustrating" to be Kate's brother because he often feels overshadowed, and well, Queen E didn't really appreciate that.

  • The Queen vs. Princess Diana

    Princess Diana Queen Elizabeth Prince Charles
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    While the queen has since revealed that she appreciated having Diana in her life, we can imagine she wasn't too happy with all of the scandal surrounding the princess and her marriage to Charles. Queen Elizabeth also reportedly sent Diana and Charles a letter suggesting -- more like urging -- the two to get divorced. And we all know how that turned out.

  • Queen Elizabeth vs. Princess Margaret

    Queen Elizabeth Princess Margaret
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    Fans of The Crown know all too well that there was tension, as well as love, between royal sisters Elizabeth and Margaret. Not only did Queen E prevent her sister from marrying her true love, but it has also been reported that Margaret's jealousy might have played into some of the issues between the pair. 

  • Prince Andrew vs. Prince Harry & Meghan's Future Family?

    Prince Andrew Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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    Looks like Prince Andrew might have a problem with Meghan and Harry's future family as well. We aren't too sure why he and his daughters are getting so worked up about the line of succession and singling the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out. 

    Have they forgotten that Kate and Will have three kids of their own?

  • Princess Diana vs. Camilla 

    Princess Diana
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    How could you not have a feud with the woman your husband had an affair with? Princess Diana reportedly confronted Camilla once she learned of the affair between Camilla and Prince Charles, because of course she did. 

    Princess Di for the win.

  • King George VI vs. King Edward VIII

    Queen Elizabeth
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    Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI, had a lot of issues with his brother Edward, mainly because of his abdication and his involvement with the Nazi party.

    We don't know about you, but those seem like pretty legitimate reasons for sibling tension.

  • Prince Charles vs. Will and Kate

    Prince Charles
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    Prince Charles reportedly isn't a fan of all the attention that Prince William and Kate get from the media, and according to People, he feels "threatened" by their position at the forefront of the royal family. 

  • Kate vs. Meghan

    Kate Middleton Meghan Markle
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    Now -- we are sure there truly isn't any sort of feud going on between these two duchesses, but rumors that Kate was totally over giving Meghan advice on how to be royal quickly started circling after the royal wedding. 

    These two still seem buddy-buddy, so no concerns from us.

  • Camilla vs. Fergie

    Camilla Parker Bowles
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    It seems as though Camilla has a tiff going on with just about every single member of the royal family, but her relationship (or lack there of) with Sarah, Duchess of York, had been somewhat stagnant until Fergie decided to confront the duchess about the whole Charles/Diana thing

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