16 Times Queen Elizabeth Let Her Opinions Be Known

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Queen Elizabeth
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Ever heard of a veil of neutrality? Well, it basically means Queen Elizabeth has to be strictly neutral with sharing her political views and anything else that would be deemed inappropriate for a monarch to speak openly about. Buuuut, even queens have to give their opinions on some things. While, Queen E has never openly come out with her views, she's hinted, she's alluded, and she's let us infer certain things about her beliefs -- but not just about politics. The queen has always been a little aloof when it comes to being open and sharing her thoughts and opinions, but every once in a while, we catch wind of what the she really thinks about certain things. 


And trust us -- we want to know what Queen Lilibet thinks about everything, but we'll take what we can get. Beggars can't be choosers, as they say. So whether it's her food preferences or some dirty dish on one of the other members of the royal family, we want to know. 

Perhaps as she's gotten older, she has stopped caring about keeping some of her opinions to herself, but whatever it is, we hope it continues. 

Having been on the throne for decades and decades, we like to think we have a pretty good idea as to who the queen is, but because she is somewhat legally bound to keep her thoughts to herself, we don't really know for sure where she stands. But that doesn't mean she hasn't thrown us a few bones over the years. So, here are all of the times that Queen Elizabeth actually revealed some of her tightly kept opinions. Get ready: Some of them are pretty shocking. 

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