16 Times Queen Elizabeth Let Her Opinions Be Known

Madison Breaux | Sep 14, 2018 Celebrities
16 Times Queen Elizabeth Let Her Opinions Be Known
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Queen Elizabeth
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Ever heard of a veil of neutrality? Well, it basically means Queen Elizabeth has to be strictly neutral with sharing her political views and anything else that would be deemed inappropriate for a monarch to speak openly about. Buuuut, even queens have to give their opinions on some things. While, Queen E has never openly come out with her views, she's hinted, she's alluded, and she's let us infer certain things about her beliefs -- but not just about politics. The queen has always been a little aloof when it comes to being open and sharing her thoughts and opinions, but every once in a while, we catch wind of what the she really thinks about certain things. 

And trust us -- we want to know what Queen Lilibet thinks about everything, but we'll take what we can get. Beggars can't be choosers, as they say. So whether it's her food preferences or some dirty dish on one of the other members of the royal family, we want to know. 

Perhaps as she's gotten older, she has stopped caring about keeping some of her opinions to herself, but whatever it is, we hope it continues. 

Having been on the throne for decades and decades, we like to think we have a pretty good idea as to who the Queen is, but because she is somewhat legally bound to keep her thoughts to herself, we don't really know for sure where she stands. But that doesn't mean she hasn't thrown us a few bones over the years. So, here are all of the times that Queen Elizabeth actually revealed some of her tightly kept opinions. Get ready: Some of them are pretty shocking. 

  • The Colonial Era

    Queen Elizabeth
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    During the bicentennial celebration of American independence, Queen Elizabeth threw in her two cents about why she thought England lost the fight. She said, “We lost the American colonies because we lacked the statesmanship to know the right time and the manner of yielding what is impossible to keep.”

    America impossible to keep? Sounds about right.

  • The Meghan Markle Family Drama

    Meghan Markle
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    The whole debacle with Meghan's family drama is causing quite a stir within the royal family, but the Queen is reportedly  sympathetic toward what the Duchess of Sussex is going through. Nothing but love and support coming from the monarch!

  • All About Camilla

    Camilla Parker Bowles Prince Charles
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    The history between Camilla Parker Bowles, the Queen, and Prince Charles is infamous at this point. But Queen Elizabeth has made her cold feelings toward the Duchess of Cornwall known over the years. 

  • Meghan's Pantsuits

    Meghan Markle
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    It looks like the Queen doesn't like Meghan's trendy pantsuit outfits. Royal women wearing pants? Not really Queen E's thing.

  • When Trump Came to Visit


    President Trump showed up late to his meeting with the Queen, and this video pretty much sums it up perfectly. 

  • 'The Crown'

    Queen Elizabeth
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    A source told Marie Claire UK that the Queen has indeed watched at least season one of Netflix's The Crown, and "she really liked it, although obviously there were some depictions of events that she found too heavily dramatized."

    To be expected with any TV show. 

  • On Kate Middleton

    Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth
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    Queen Elizabeth was apparently eager to meet Kate Middleton when she was dating Prince William. Now that they have been together for over a decade, the two have formed a special bond. 

  • Meghan's Relationship With Harry

    Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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    During their engagement video, Meghan and Harry revealed that she had met the Queen multiple times and that they are both fond of each other. The Queen has since made her opinions about Meghan known through special gifts and solo trips -- so no animosity here!

    She probably doesn't approve of this public kissing, though. Tsk, Sussexes.

  • Who Should Be King

    Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth Prince William
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    Queen Elizabeth reportedly wants to pass over Charles and crown Prince William after her time on the throne is up. 

  • On Princess Charlotte

    Princess Charlotte
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    What does Queen Elizabeth think of her adorable great-granddaughter? Well, according to the monarch herself, Charlotte is quite the little bossy pants -- especially with her older bro George.

  • Food in Buckingham Palace

    Queen Elizabeth
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    One of the things the Queen is vocal about is the food that they are allowed to eat in Buckingham Palace and while in public. She has strict no pasta (or any carbs for that matter) rule in the palace. When on official business, the royals may not eat garlic or seafood.

  • Drinking

    Queen Elizabeth
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    The Queen reportedly enjoys about four drinks a day ... so alcohol? That's a yes from Queen E. Town & Country also reports that she supposedly drinks a glass of champagne before bed every day. 

    Must be nice.

  • On Charles' Affair

    Queen Elizabeth Prince Charles
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    According to The Independent, the Queen reportedly told Diana, "Charles is hopeless" when the princess came to her asking for advice about her husband's infidelity. 

  • On 'The King's Speech'

    Queen Elizabeth
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    According to HuffPost, the Queen did watch this movie, which depicted her father and mother, and the monarch reportedly responded "favorably" to the film.

  • Harry & Meghan's Engagement

    Queen Elizabeth Meghan Markle
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    Queen Elizabeth gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle her own seal of approval when they announced their engagement, so yes, this marriage was most definitely blessed. 

  • Queen Elizabeth on Diana

    Princess Diana
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    The start of their relationship was a rocky one, but the Queen did eventually say she was grateful to have had Princess Diana in her life.

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