22 Times the Royal Men Stole the Show With Their Fashion

Madison Breaux | Sep 14, 2018 Celebrities
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Prince William Prince Harry
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With any royal event, our eyes immediately turn to focus on what the royal ladies have stepped out in. From the classic style of Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle's daring pantsuits, the world is more than obsessed with regal fashion, but rarely do the dukes get any of the attention. Sure, men's fashion historically is a lot more simple and timeless than women's, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve our appreciation. We're always going to jump at the chance to see Kate or Meghan's latest outfit, but in the name of fairness, we want to make sure we give some of the style love to the men of the royal family

Royal men's fashion is anything but boring. Sure, more often than not, the princes are wearing suits, but that doesn't mean that William and Harry don't switch it up every once in a while. They have their go-to styles, but to keep things fresh, these men have tried different colors, different fabrics, and luckily for them, it's a lot easier to keep in line with royal fashion protocol than it is for their significant others. 

Is it fair? No -- but that's just the way it is. 

Although most eyes go to the royal women, we're here to show that the men of Kensington Palace also have incredible style. No matter the event, the dukes are also expected to look their best (just like the duchesses), and boy, do they rise to the occasion. So, forget dresses and royal gowns, and enjoy 22 times the men of the royal family killed the fashion game. 

  • Minimalist & Chic

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    Looking nice doesn't mean wearing something flashy. These men know how to keep it simple and classic. 

  • Matching Pair

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    There's nothing we love more than a coordinated couple. Yes, Meghan steals the show with her fashion wherever she goes, but we can't forget about the handsome Harry.

  • Look at Those Tails

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    Not every man could pull off a morning suit with its signature tails. Meghan ... you've found yourself a good one. 

  • All in the Details

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    This is the same traditional morning suit outfit as before, but just look how sharp Harry looks even with his suit jacket off. Everything about this is perfect.

  • Tan Suit

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    A light colored suit is a slippery slope, but Prince William's linen-colored suit is just as classic as a more formal black or navy one.

  • So Sporty

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    It may seem like the royal men live their entire lives in suits and sport coats, but that's just not true. They might have had to dig deep into their closets to find their sportswear -- but it's there nonetheless.

  • The Go-To Gray

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    Gray is mostly definitely Harry's color. He is usually spotted wearing this gray sports coat, and we can see why.

  • Fashionable Shoes

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    Never, ever forget about the shoes. Yes, we are used to seeing the typically black loafer on these men, but sometimes they decide to switch it up a bit.

  • Tennis Garb

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    Prince William kept it light, but still business-y for his and Kate's trip to Wimbledon. Plus, his color palette pairs perfectly well with Kate's bright yellow dress.

  • Light & Summery

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    Wearing a button-down and sports coat in the middle of the summer has to be pretty tough, but Prince Harry beat the heat with this light-colored ensemble.

  • Bow Tie & All

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    Prince James Bond? We definitely think so. 

  • Sharp Uniforms

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    We don't really want to know how long it takes them to get ready with these uniforms, but we definitely like the final product!

  • Sleek Navy

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    Just like gray suits, navy is one of Harry's go-to colors. It's simple and goes with everything, so good job, duke.

  • Scarf Game

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    So, so chic. Who knew Prince William was just as much of a fashion fan as his wife?

  • Dressed in Black

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    There's nothing sharper than an all-black suit. You wouldn't know it by looking at her face, but we think his grandmother approves.

  • Four Eyes

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    Glasses can be fashionable too! We don't see Prince William in his specs very often, but they are definitely working for him.

  • Hats on High

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    Now -- most men would look absolutely ridiculous in a hat like this, but when you're Prince Harry, you can pretty much pull anything off.

  • New Baby Style

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    No couple has ever looked this good after welcoming a new life into the world. Dads everywhere, take notes.

  • The Boys Are Back in Town

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    What a squad. Prince Charles and Prince Harry look like the ultimate father-son duo in their coordinated outfits.

  • Casual & Cool

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    Prince William has been at this whole royal thing for a long time, but it's good to see that he hasn't let his personal style suffer. He's still just as sharp!

  • The Wedding Outfit

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    This outfit is about as iconic as it gets. Everyone was obviously paying attention to Meghan, but let's throw a little appreciation Harry's way, yeah?

  • Laid Back

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    Wills isn't a regular dad -- he's a cool dad. One who rolls up his sleeves and wears shades. 

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