Jinger Duggar's 2-Month-Old Daughter Is Already Her Little Twin

Jinger Duggar

She obviously can't get enough of her sweet little baby, and honestly -- neither can we. Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo shared a couple new photos of her almost 2-month-old daughter, Felicity, over the weekend, and we are already totally in love with this munchkin. 

  • Jinger shared a new picture of Felicity on Sunday, and it looks like she's already taking after her mama. 

    She added the caption, "Felicity’s expressions are just priceless," but it was the baby's features that fans couldn't get over. Countless comments on the photo included sentiments such as "Like mother, like daughter," "She looks so much like her mommie ... and those eye are sweet..." and "OMG, it’s a little Jing! She’s darling!"

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  • The new mom also shared a photo over her Instagram Stories on Saturday.

    Yup, she's definitely her mama's daughter! Even though Jinge insisted that Felicity looked just Jeremy Vuolo in the days after she was born, she's definitely taking after mom after nearly two months. Back in July, Jinger said, "You should see their baby pictures side-by-side" when talking about how much Felicity looks like Jeremy. 

  • Now we're looking at Jinger's baby picture, and the resemblance is obvious.

    Shortly before Felicity was born, Jeremy shared a sweet baby photo of his bride, and um, yup, Felicity is definitely Jinger's little mini-me! Same eyes, same cute little nose, even the same brow ridge. We're willing to bet Jer doesn't mind a bit though. 

  • Regardless of which parent she takes after, Jeremy and Jinger are completely smitten with their baby girl. 

    We're sure Felicity's looks will continue to change as she grows up, so it will be interesting to see who she ultimately ends up favoring. Given how much she looks like Jinger already though, we won't be surprised if she ends up looking like a little carbon copy.