Amy & Matt Roloff Reunite for a Sweet Reason & It's Freaking Fans Out

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff

Ever since Matt and Amy Roloff divorced, Little People, Big World fans have wondered if there is tension of any kind between the former husband and wife. They obviously have a relationship (they do handles matters of the farm together), but there have been whispers and rumors of strife. Welp, Matt and Amy Roloff made an appearance in a photo that has fans freaking out for a number of reasons.

  • Matt and Amy, with Zach and Jackson, are all smiles alongside the Little People, Big World production crew to celebrate someone leaving the show.

    "Our production crew. Had to say good bye to Dean (the guy in the middle w/ the hat and glasses). It was kind of sad -- he's been w/ us helping us film since the first season of LPBW," Amy Roloff writes in her Instagram post. "So many memories and good times. Im going to miss him not being a part of us."

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  • As you can imagine, Roloff fans have lots of questions.

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    Who isn't nosy in this world?

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  • And think it's awesome to see Amy and Matt together.

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    Although there have been crazy accusations -- like Amy being "jealous" of Matt's girlfriend -- these two will always have some sort of love for one another.

    (They have four kids together!)

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  • Others, however, are getting freaked out Amy's pic is a sign the show is ending.

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  • ... even though she said someone else is leaving.

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    (LOL, gotta love people.)

  • If anything, this photo is a testament to Matt and Amy's relationship.

    It's great to see these two together to help squash all the speculated drama.