Khloe Kardashian's Pool Pics With True Are So Precious We Can't Even

Khloe Kardashian

As if the photos Khloe Kardashian shares of True Thompson aren't already cute enough, her latest might be our favorite. On Wednesday, Khloe shared the cutest photo of True in the pool, and we are loving how sweet and happy this mom and daughter duo look together. 

  • Are you ready for this? We're obsessed.

    Look at these two! True just looks made for the water, and how happy is Khloe? Given how turbulent her personal life was earlier this year, it's so good to see such a big smile on her face, and that gorgeous background is making us wish we were on vacation right now.

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  • And on her Instagram story, Khloe also shared this gem:

    Can we talk about True's head wrap?! Too cute! In the videos Khloe also shared on her story, daddy Tristan Thompson is holding his kiddo, and she looks so happy to be spending a day in the water. Maybe we have a future professional swimmer on our hands? 

  • Khloe's been talking about giving True swimming lessons for a while.

    Water safety is huge for kids, no matter how young they are, so it's no surprise that this is something Khloe wanted to be on top of. 

  • And clearly, True and her mom have been loving it from the start.

  • Now, we're just gonna need more photos of that little water baby in action. 

    We can't handle how quickly this baby is growing, but watching it all happen has been so much fun so far. More pics, please!