Kim Kardashian Addresses Rumors That She Cheated on Kanye With Drake

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Kim Kardashian
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The Kardashian family is no stranger to the ever-so-common false rumor that stirs up about once a ... day. The most recent speculation involves Kim Kardashian and her possible relationship or affair with rapper Drake. The artist's new song insinuates that something a little fishy went on between the two of them, but a source close to the family isn't having it.

  • A source close to Kimmy told TMZ that the rumors of a hookup between the Kardashian and Drake are completely false -- despite his telling lyrics.

    In his new song, "In My Feelings," Drake calls Kim "Kiki" (her family nickname) and even references a KKW Beauty lipstick shade. 


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  • However, the intrigue doesn't stop there. Kylie beau Travis Scott's collab with Drake also has a lyric that seems to suggest something scandalous.

    In the song "Sicko Mode," Drake says, "I crept down the block, made a right, cut the lights, paid the price."

    On the surface, it doesn't seem like much, right? But let's unpack that. According to TMZ, Drake lives not too far from Kim K, and the two share some mutual friends.

  • And because Drake clearly has no interest in putting these rumors to bed, he just followed Kim on Instagram.

    Because it's not love if you don't get that follow back.

  • Kim, however, has zero time for this nonsense, and she ended the speculation in true Kardashian style.

    From the source herself. #CommentsByCelebs

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    No-nonsense Kim is an expert at putting an end to rumors at this point.

  • We heard it directly from the queen of the clap back herself -- the rumors are false. Just because Drake raps about it doesn't mean it's true.

    So let's stop grasping at straws, OK? The last thing Kim needs right now is more drama surrounding her family, so let's give the girl a break.