New Details Emerge About Kate Gosselin's Fight to Take Back Custody of Hannah From Jon

Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin, and Hannah Gosselin
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We always knew things weren't exactly friendly between Kate and Jon Gosselin, but boy are they quite messy on the custody battle front. There's been a lot of talk about who does (and doesn't) have primary custody of their 14-year-old daughter Hannah, and with Jon's latest post about "new beginnings," it's safe to assume she's living with her papa. Well, it appears mama Kate didn't let her go without a fight as court records show Kate Gosselin's many attempts to regain custody of their daughter. (To say she's persistent would truly be an understatement.)

  • Jon recently set the record straight about who has custody of Hannah.

    "[Hannah] permanently lives with me," Jon Gosselin revealed in an Instagram Live video about who's his daughter's main provider.

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  • And from the looks of things, it's a decision Kate has been fighting for months.

    Kate Gosselin
    Splash News

    In addition to their 14-year-old daughter Hannah, Jon and Kate have seven other children: Madelyn and Cara, 17, and Joel, Leah, Aaden, Alexis, and Collin Gosselin, 14, who Kate sent away a couple of years ago to get treatment for his "special needs."

  • A judge ruled in favor of Jon having custody of Hannah back in April -- prompting Kate to appeal, which was ultimately denied.

    Radar Online exclusively reveals Kate filed a "motion for reconsideration" on May 4, along with an appeal to the county's superior court four days later that got denied on June 14 as the celeb mom "did not present legal argument to justify this Court's jurisdiction," court documents reveal.

  • Kate filed a "emergency petition for special relief" in June that the courts also denied, keeping the 14-year-old with her dad.

  • Something tells us this is far from over.

    Only time will tell.

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