15 of Khloe Kardashian's Best Mom Moments So Far

Nicole Pomarico | Aug 30, 2018 Celebrities
15 of Khloe Kardashian's Best Mom Moments So Far

Khloe Kardashian

It's only been four months since Khloe Kardashian welcomed baby True Thompson into the world, but already, we're totally blown away by how much she's killing it at this mom thing. Being that she's always rocked at being an aunt to all of her nieces and nephews -- and according to what we've seen on social media and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, they clearly love her to pieces. We were never worried that she'd be anything but an amazing mom now that it's her turn with her own baby. But from what we've seen so far? We're seriously impressed, and it's been so much fun watching her journey into motherhood so far. 

And honestly, we have to hand it to Khloe, because it's not like she started out her life as a mom under the easiest of circumstances. With Tristan Thompson cheating rumors gaining steam right before she gave birth, it was obviously a really difficult time in her life. Then add a newborn into the mix, and even the most seasoned mom would be thrown for a loop. But not Khloe. She's handled her chaotic personal life, her crazy successful professional life, and her daughter in a way that has made us so proud. 

Between the comments she's made about her motherhood experience, her tweets and Instagram posts, and the clap backs she always has ready for the haters, this mama has it down. Can she please teach us her tricks?!

Here are Khloe's best mom moments so far. Like we said, it might have only been four months, but so far, she's absolutely amazing at it -- and we can't wait to see what the future holds for her and True.

  • Her List of What Not to Say to New Moms


    Y'all, Khloe is catching on quick -- and she's sharing the wisdom with everyone else. In a blog post on her app, Khloe made a list of what not to say to new moms, and even though the Kardashians live way different lives than the rest of us, this list is pretty spot on. Example: Don't brag about how much sleep you're getting to other moms, because it's just cruel. Oh, and her comments about not judging anyone else's breastfeeding journey? Exactly what everyone else needs to hear. 

  • She Admitted True Is Exactly What She Needed 


    As we all saw on KUWTK, Khloe was fully expecting that she'd have a boy, and her preference was clear -- and so was her disbelief and disappointment when she found out that the opposite was true. But since meeting True, it's obvious that Khloe wouldn't have it any other way, and there's a good chance that her honesty is helping other moms who have also experienced gender disappointment. 

  • She Got Real About Breastfeeding


    She's been shamed for it a lot, but that hasn't stopped Khloe from being open about her struggles with breastfeeding. In a post on her app, she admitted that she supplements her breast milk with formula because she doesn't make enough for True. And even though the sanctimommies came out of the woodwork to shut her down, she didn't let the haters get to her -- or stop her from being honest. 

  • Tweeting About Waiting For True's First Giggle


    Every mom knows what it's like to look forward to their baby's earliest milestones, and Khloe has said that she's most excited to hear True giggle for the first time. It's really sweet that she's taking so much enjoyment out of these little (yet so important) moments of her baby's life -- it's just one of the ways she shows how made for motherhood she is.

  • She Shared Her Anxiety About Going Back to Work


    One of the other challenges Khloe's been honest about? The fact that it was really hard for her to go back to working after having True. In a Snapchat video in July, Khloe admitted being anxious about leaving True for work, which is definitely something all working moms have felt. It's tough to get through it, but good for Khloe for being transparent about it -- there's no doubt that she's helped someone who's going through the same thing. 

  • When She Defended Her Right to Go to the Gym


    We know that the gym has always been important to Khloe, so of course she was excited to get back into it after having True. But when she did? The haters came out in full force on Twitter, and Khloe had the perfect response. She wasn't trying to make her post-baby body experience unrealistic; she was just doing what she loved.

    "Just because I have a baby doesn't mean I have to stop doing the things that I love, and I love working out and getting my mind right," she said.

    Good for Khloe for taking time for herself! 

  • She Apologized For Sharing So Many Pics of True


    We have to give Khloe props for this one -- many new moms don't realize when they're sharing newborn pics on overload, so we have to hand it to her that she's conscious of it. Then again, is anyone ever going to tell Khloe to stop sharing photos of True? That baby is so adorable, we just can't get enough.

  • Penelope & True Finally Got to Play Together


    Knowing how close Khloe is with her niece, it was a given that we'd get plenty of adorable pics of P and True ... and this first one was worth the wait. Not just for us, but it sounds like it was a highlight for Khloe too. "These are the moments I’ve been waiting for!!! How blessed am I?!?!" she wrote when she shared this photo on Instagram.

  • Taking True Swimming for the First Time


    Khloe was so excited when True got to go swimming for the first time that she had to share the moment with her followers. Our fingers are crossed that this means this was captured for the KUWTK cameras so we can see True in all her pool glory!

  • She Talked About the Most Surprising Part of Motherhood 


    In a post on her app, Khloe opened up about motherhood -- and she shared something that a lot of moms can probably relate to. "I think what surprises me most is no matter how tired you are, you find this energy and patience for your child,” she wrote back in May, via Us Weekly. "You know that babies are so helpless and they rely on you for everything. So something just takes over and you find the energy to care for this helpless precious baby.” 

  • When She Announced True's Birth


    When True arrived, Khloe waited a bit before sharing the official announcement -- but when she did, it was obviously a huge moment for her and for the fans that were dying for an update. 

    "Our little girl, True Thompson, has completely stolen our hearts and we are overwhelmed with LOVE," she wrote. "Such a blessing to welcome this angel into the family! Mommy and Daddy loooooove you True!"

  • She Was So Excited to Get Home to Her Baby


    Earlier this month, Khloe launched her Good American activewear line, but even though it was a major moment in her career, she still had to let fans know that the best part of her day was coming home to see her baby girl. Knowing how Khloe's said that she misses True when she's working, we're not surprised one bit.

  • First Selfie With True


    Knowing what a big deal that selfies are in the Kardashian-Jenner universe, of course the first selfie Khloe posted with her daughter was a monumental moment. It's going to be so much fun to see how True changes. We have a feeling she's going to be a pretty solid selfie pro herself! 

  • She Shut Down Mommy Shamers


    Khloe might still be a new mom, but she's no stranger to mommy shamers -- and as you can see in this tweet, she's also prepared to take them on when they try to call her out for ridiculous stuff. Attending an event (as part of your job, no less) without bringing an infant? Uh, everybody can give her a break for that one. Good for Khloe for standing up for herself.

  • She Moved Back to LA 


    Although she was in Cleveland for the first part of True's life, it didn't take long before Khloe moved back to LA to be with her sisters, and it sounds like it was a seriously happy reunion. And now that she gets to raise her daughter surrounded by family? It has to be the most special time in her life so far. 

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