18 Signs Queen Elizabeth & Meghan Markle Are Like BFFs

Michele Zipp | Aug 16, 2018 Celebrities
18 Signs Queen Elizabeth & Meghan Markle Are Like BFFs
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When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first started dating in late 2016 -- thanks to a set-up by a mutual friend -- it seemed clear the actress and humanitarian was going to meet Queen Elizabeth someday. Harry was smitten, and it was evident that there was something special blossoming between the two of them. 

Being the prince that he is, Harry spoke of his relationship with Meghan to his grandmother -- Her Royal Highness. And because of his fondness for her and how he glowed during their conversation, the Queen approved of Meghan even though this was all through Harry's word, without having met her yet. 

The first royals Meghan got to meet were Prince William and Kate Middleton. Kate and Meghan got along famously, of course. And from there, Harry and Meghan's love story deepened. 

Which brings us to the queen. Meghan met Her Majesty a couple of times before their engagement, which was in November 2017. In their BBC interview, Meghan revealed that she felt she knew so much about Queen Elizabeth from all that Harry spoke of her. "It's incredible ... to be able to meet her through his lens, not just with his honor and respect for her as the monarch, but the love that he has for her as his grandmother," Meghan said. "All of those layers have been so important for me so that when I met her I had such a deep understanding and of course incredible respect for being able to have that time with her. ... She's an incredible woman," she added. 

This statement and the way Meghan delivered it made it clear how much admiration she had for Harry's grandmum. From there, that relationship -- the one between Meghan and the queen --deepened as well. 

It's evident in photographs, in the way they laugh together, admire each other, and lend each other a hand -- Meghan and Queen Elizabeth are like BFFs. Here's proof.

  • The Closeness

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    Her Royal Highness doesn't just cosy up to anyone -- in fact, some have accused the queen of being a bit chilly when it comes to affection. However, judging by her body language here with Meghan Markle, it's clear she likes to be close to her granddaughter-in-law.

  • How Meghan Looks at Her

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    As the members of the royal family watch the Flypast to commemorate Royal Air Force Centenary on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London, witness also Meghan admiring the queen. It happens a lot.

  • Mutual Admiration

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    Yes, the queen is happy that Harry is married and could potentially give her more grandchildren. But she's also pleased how Meghan handles herself, how she is an independent woman and comes with her own life and worldly experiences, and how she embraces royal life like a pro. It's not just Meghan who admires the queen.

  • Milling & Chatting

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    Take notice at public events -- Meghan and the queen spend a lot of time just chatting with each other (and Harry, too, of course). 

  • All Smiles

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    In June of this year, Meghan and the queen had their first public engagement together. They were both all smiles ... and clearly wore colors that didn't clash. 

  • Meghan's Birthday

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    Meghan's birthday is August 4 and that date is also special to Queen Elizabeth. August 4 is the day HRH's mother was born as well -- the late Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. This could have brought a special kinship to the two women, beyond what can be expressed. 

  • The Dog Factor


    It is well known that Queen Elizabeth loves dogs -- especially corgis and dorgis. Meghan does, too. She has her own pup, but check her out loving on the president of Ireland's dog!

  • She Supports the Queen's Initiatives


    Meghan joined forces with Prince Harry to support the queen's Young Leaders initiative. The pride the queen has for these two must be incredible

  • They Had a Sleepover


    It's true -- Her Majesty and Meghan had a royal sleepover. It was during their first outing together and it included a journey on the royal train. The jaunt took some time, so there was a overnight stay involved. Not everyone gets to have a sleepover with the queen.

  • Royal Blessing


    The queen gave Harry her royal blessing to marry Meghan -- and that is no small feat. However, it's because of how much love Harry has for Meghan, and how much love she has for him in return, that this blessing happened. Simply put: When the queen saw how in love Harry was -- for all the right reasons -- she couldn't help but love her too.

  • Front & Center


    It wasn't just at the wedding where the queen wants to be the first and most visible person wishing Harry and Meghan well, but it's seen in all of her actions. Still, we can't help but be smitten with this image of the queen in green sending her love to these two.

  • Wild About Harry


    We're not going to say for certain that Prince Harry is the queen's favorite grandson, but ... It's clear how much love these two powerful women have for Harry and he is just one part of their own personal bond.

  • Personal Assistant


    While training to be a royal, Meghan reportedly shared an assistant with the queen. This is a big deal as it indicates that HRH wants the best for Meghan and is willing to share her most trusted with her.

  • Vim & Vigor


    According to US Weekly, the queen loves "vim and vigor," and Meghan has exactly that. The two reportedly have a similar sense of humor. 

  • Important Gift


    Her Majesty gifted Meghan and Harry a cottage that the two of them fancied. And it's not just any cottage, it is a cottage that "boasts a coved ceiling with gilded dolphins and rope ornament from a 19th Century Royal yacht" and "a marble Graeco-Egyptian fireplace." 

    The queen wouldn't just gift this to anyone.

  • Meghan's Mom


    Not only does the queen want to know all about Meghan, but she wants a closeness with her mom, too. Queen Elizabeth and Doria Ragland had tea together -- and this was before the wedding. So we'll guess there will be more tea dates in the years to come, as well.

  • Similar Fashion Sense


    Check out Queen Elizabeth when she was younger (she 20 years old when this photo was taken). We can't help but notice that her style is very similar to Meghan's today. 

  • Meghan Honors Queen E


    Meghan isn't just playing the role of a princess -- she embodies it, naturally. That has been made clear in her respect and honoring of the queen. In turn, the queen respects and honors Meghan.

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