15 Times Kate Middleton Was a Tired Mom Just Like the Rest of Us

Madison Breaux | Aug 13, 2018 Celebrities
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Kate Middleton
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It's an undeniable fact that moms -- even royal ones -- deal with a lot over the course of a day. And when you add royal outings and hundreds of paparazzi to the equation, things get very sticky. So, it's really no wonder why our beloved duchess, Kate Middleton, has her moments where she's just so over it all. Let's be honest, every mom has these instances, so there's no reason why Kate should be excluded from this. Yeah, she might have a royal title, a castle, and an envy-inducing closet, but at the end of the day, she's still a struggling mom like everyone else. Motherhood doesn't show mercy just because someone hangs out with Queen Elizabeth on a regular basis. 

And because of this, even Kate lets her fatigue and stress get the better of her -- nothing to be ashamed about, duchess! We've all been there. And now that she's a mommy of three, Kate's life has just gotten a lot busier, so let's cut her all kinds of slack, shall we?

Sure, Kate probably has a team of people ready to help her with some of the work, but as we all know, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been very adamant about their hands-on parenting approach from day one. In the name of shaking things up in the royal family, Kate has been pulling full-on mom duty ever since Prince George was born, so it's no wonder why the duchess looks a little worn down from time to time. 

Here are 15 times that Kate proved she's a tired mom just like everyone else. Royalty doesn't save anyone from the stress of being a mother, so take comfort in the fact that Kate is standing in solidarity with the rest of us.

  • She Pulls Double Duty


    Dealing with two kids without your trusty hubby there to help out is undoubtedly a lot to handle -- especially when your two kids are firecrackers like Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

  • She Has No Time for Shenanigans

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    What can you really do when your child starts acting up at a royal event? Kate's glare says it all.

  • Pregnancy & Heels Don't Mix

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    Poor Kate. We're sure the closer she got to her due date, the more she didn't want to get out of bed, much less put on a pair of heels and stand for hours.

  • She's Just so Done

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    We don't know how Kate deals with it all. She was pregnant, at an event instead of lounging in bed, and she had cameras in her face all day. Duchess or superwoman? We think she's a little bit of both.

  • She Clearly Has a Lot on Her Mind

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    A mom of two (now, three) surely doesn't have a moment to herself, and when she is away from the kids, she's thinking about them constantly. Even our beloved duchess isn't immune to this.

  • Another Day, Another Dinner

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    She raises kids during the day and mingles with dignitaries at night. Someone get this woman a spa day.

  • Thinking About All the Sleep She's Lost 

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    Kill 'em with that side-eye, Kate. She is most definitely the person who dragged her out of bed to come to this event. 

  • She Relys on Tea to Get Her Through the Day

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    Although Brits typically favor their tea over a nice cup of coffee, the effect is still pretty much the same. Any mom of young kiddos, even Kate, needs a little liquid defense against the stresses of the day.

  • She's Forced to Wear Outfits Like This

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    Seriously ... who made Kate wear this? No rest for pregnant Kate, clearly. 

  • She's Perfected the Art of Sleeping With Her Eyes Open

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    There's not a doubt in our minds that Kate is snoozing away at this royal engagement. What the Queen doesn't know won't hurt her, right?

  • Not Even Flowers Do It for Her Anymore

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    Maybe in the prechildren days, flowers would've brought a smile to this duchess's face. But now, all she's thinking about are the tantrums she's going to have to deal with when she gets home.

  • Forced Family Fun

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    Kate clearly does not look happy between stuck between her husband and Prince Harry. Her mind is elsewhere -- and we can't blame her. She has bigger fish to fry.

  • She Can't Hide It Anymore

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    Sure, a member of the royal family isn't really supposed to show discomfort or tiredness, but sometimes even Kate can't hold it in anymore. There's only so much one woman can do.

  • She Deals With Trantrums

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    Every mom has to deal with several tantrums per day, but unfortunately, the royal kiddos' tantrums are on display for the whole world to see. How does Kate do it?

  • Family Events Really Bring Out the Best in Her

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    Corralling the kids for a wedding or any other special event is something of an impossible task, so kudos to Kate for handling it so well.

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