Sounds Like a Feud Might Be Brewing Between Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner

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The last thing the Kardashian family needs right now is more drama. With Kourtney's breakup from Younes and the argument between her and Kim, the Kar-Jenner siblings are up to their ears in trouble -- but then again, when are they not? But now it seems as though there might be something stirring up between Kim Kardashian and her younger half-sister, Kylie Jenner.

  • And surprisingly, it all comes down to Kim's music choices.

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    Kim posted this video on her Snapchat, and if you listen closely, you'll notice something a little off about the music she's listening to. 

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  • Kim is jamming out to "Taste" by Tyga. Yeah ... that Tyga. The one that Kylie dated off and on for about two years.

    Awwwwkward. Especially because Kylie's current beau and the father of her child, Travis Scott, JUST released his album Astroworld. Kylie has been hyping up the new record ever since it dropped, so we'd think that Kim would want to share the support as well -- but we guess not.

    She also could've dug into her own husband's discography and listened to some of his tunes, but where's the fun in that?

  • Now, of course, this doesn't officially prove that Kim and Kylie are in the middle of some passive-aggressive dispute, but it is a little weird.

    Kylie Jenner Kim Kardashian
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    And it looks like everyone else seems to think so as well. 

  • Kardashian fans are also a little puzzled by Kim's choice in background music. 

    We're growing more and more curious.

  • And some had concerns about Kylie and how she'd take it.

    We're pretty sure she's seen her sister's snap story by now -- and who knows what she had to say to Kim? Hopefully she kept it fairly civil.

  • Whatever reason Kim had for playing this song in the background, we really hope it's not some subtle dig at her half-sister.

    Kim already has enough feuding going on, so she really doesn't need to add another one to the pile. 

    And who knows, maybe she didn't even mean to play that song. Shuffle does have a mind of its own sometimes.