Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Changing Chicago West's Name

Kim Kardashian Chicago West Saint West North West

With the Kardashian family, we have pretty much learned at this point to expect the unexpected -- even if what they are doing seems totally crazy. And most of the time, it is. But it seems as though Kim Kardashian might be outdoing herself this time. The mom of three reportedly wants to change her new baby girl Chicago's name, and the reason is very, very Kardashian-like.

  • In a video posted on Kim's website, she revealed that Chicago's official name doesn't "flow" right.

    Uhhhh OK, Kimberly. Whatever you say. 

    She went on to add, “Chicago just looks really long to me and doesn’t flow, so I call her Chi. That’s it. She can decide later if she wants to be called Chicago or Chi. But like she’s so girly. When she first came out I was like what do we name her?"

    Chi is a pretty adorable nickname, and we're sure that in a couple of years, Chicago will undoubtedly have some opinions on what she wants to be called.

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  • And apparently, picking out a name for Kim and Kanye's new little girl was quite the challenge.

    "All the other names we had for her, we were going to name her Rei and spell it R-e-i for Kanye’s dad Rei and she doesn’t look like a Rei," she said. "We were going to call her Jo for Mary Jo and have it be Jo West. She doesn’t look like a Jo."

    Yeah, we can't picture Kim having a little baby Jo, so we're thinking she made the right choice with Chicago.

  • But because Chicago's name feels a little incomplete to mommy Kimberly, she decided that she's going to add to it.

    Kim has never been in the habit of giving her children middle names, but she has chosen to call little baby Chicago (unofficially) "Chi Noel." 

    She added, "A one-syllable name. Noel is my middle name and it’s not a one-syllable name but it’s short. Like I love the name Noel. Kanye does not. So, I unofficially Instagrammed Chi Noel and I was like I’m doing this because I want her middle name to be Noel."

  • Quite honestly, nothing sounds cuter than "Chi Noel." Good choice, Kimmy.

    The name Chicago may have been a little longer than what Kim originally wanted, but hey, that's what nicknames are for, right? And, Kim, as long as you're not switching it up too much on your little girl, then we're good.