Miranda Lambert's Boyfriend's Wife Opens Up About the Pain of Their Affair

Staci Felker

It's been a few months since news started surfacing Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker are dating. This "collaboration" between the country singers has been quite head-turning to say the least, considering the Turnpike Troubadours front man is still married. The affair has been igniting tons of backlash. Staci Felker, Evan's wife, hasn't shied away from making her feelings about the matter public knowledge. And now, Evan Felker's estranged wife is opening up about his affair with Miranda and the people who helped save her life.

  • Staci took to Instagram on National Sisters Day to celebrate the gal pals in her life who helped her "live to this picture."

    Just recently, Staci hinted Miranda Lambert was calling her nonstop in response to Evan calling home. "FYI, if you're crazy and crazy famous, this is how your number comes up," Staci captioned a screenshot of the numerous calls she received, shared on Instagram Stories. "Wife's number doesn't change. Seems problematic. 10 times in one night. #insecure #rightfullyso."

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  • "I've been reminiscing so much the last week. Too much maybe" she writes in an Instagram post about her friends.

    Staci Felker continues:

    "I have a lot of girls who have been there for me from anywhere from 3 to 30 years. They have waited in the wings and rescued me on a moment's notice. They hid me out for months before things became public, because trust me - there was a portion of this you wouldn't have wanted to see. They planned trips. They sent cards and gifts. They checked on me constantly. They talked me out of some shady sh*t and made sure I was safe, when I didn't actually care. They cropped me out of photos and force fed me while I was 20 pounds thinner than now.

    Some of these girls knew they were being acknowledged because of a pineapple lamp. None of them need or want to be, but it's heavy on my heart, so to all you incredible creatures from Woodward/college/EY and Ev's work/hometowns ... I love you. I wouldn't have lived to this picture, that introduced a story you all were already sick of to the rest of the world, much less August, without you."

  • News of Miranda and Evan's affair sent complete shock waves through the interwebs.

    Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker
    Michael Loccisano/ACMA2018/Getty Images for ACM; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach

    Outlets reported Evan and Miranda started seeing each other after a brief (as in three days brief) tour together back in February -- prompting Evan to file for divorce from Staci the day after Valentine's Day. There were also reports that Staci and Evan were "trying for a baby" before his affair, which makes this whole thing all the more crazy (and sad).

  • And as you can see, people are here to support Staci, especially after her latest confession.

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  • They're applauding her for sharing her story and being such an inspiration for maintaining her class through it all.

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  • Others find Staci's honesty relatable and are sharing similar stories about their own journeys.

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  • We don't know what's in store for Staci in the future but hope it's full of peace, healing, and love.

    Keep your head up, lady.