Kourtney Kardashian Flat Out Calls Her Own Family 'Disgusting'

Kourtney Kardashian

Based off of what happened in the premiere, there's certainly not going to be any shortage of sister drama during season 15 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And most of it is surrounding Kourtney Kardashian and her attitude toward her other sisters and her family as a whole. This mom of three is not having it with the Kardashian clan anymore, and she's definitely letting them know it.

  • During last night's episode, Kourtney appeared to be distancing herself from her other two sisters.

    Kourtney said, “Khloe and I, the last six months, have not been as close. I just feel like I’m constantly being criticized and picked on. In the past I used to just brush things off, but I just don’t want to tolerate it anymore.”

    And from there ... trouble ensued. 

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  • Following a huge blowup between Kim and Kourtney about the scheduling of their Christmas card, Kourtney let the words for her family flow.

    No holding back. 

    Kourtney called Khloe to continue the argument and said, "I'm not here to be mistreated by my f**ing b*tch family. Kim saying that I'm the least interesting to look at -- who even speaks like that? You don't say things like that. You guys just have really different values than me. I choose to be a mother to my three kids. I'm not here looking for another job. I already work enough -- more than I would like to. What's natural to me is being a mother. And I don’t expect everyone to have the same interests."

  • Wow. Later in the episode, Kourtney continued by saying that her family is "disgusting" and that she's "ashamed" to be a part of it.

    So, does this mean we are going to be seeing less of Kourtney in the coming episodes? The Kardashian sisters have always fought over the years, but some of the things said between Kourt and Kim will be pretty hard to take back. 

    Kourtney even went as far as to say that she is going to move to another state or another country at some point, so it's pretty clear that she wants some distance from her family.

  • But for the time being, it looks like Kourt is going to stay put in Los Angeles with her family and her kids -- but who knows what the future holds.

    Because these episodes were filmed months ago, there's a good possibility that Kim and Kourtney have already decided to forgive and forget. But we'll just have to wait and see. 

    Until next Sunday!