Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Were Spotted on Date Night & the Footage Is Too Good

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
Splash News

There are a number of famous couples who we imagine hitting up some hot spot on a double date as they seem fun to be around. And this duo is definitely one of them. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were spotted on a date night, and the footage is too perfect as this hot, lovable pair rocked out in the most adorable way.

  • Blake and Ryan hit up Taylor Swift's Reputation tour in Massachusetts on July 28 with the singer's parents.

    Model and friend Gigi Hadid was also present and accounted for in the VIP section.

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  • Footage of these two together is like Christmas in July as they're pretty private when it comes to their relationship and family life.

    Heck, Ryan and Blake's public appearance back in May had people baffled as some thought they were headed for a divorce.

  • Speaking of family, video of Blake and Ryan freaking all the way out at their daughter James's cameo intro in Taylor's song "Gorgeous" is everything.

    In case you can't tell, this 3-year-old celeb kid is a star -- and wasn't even on camera when she said "gorgeous"!

  • These two looked like they had a ton of fun during their kid-free outing.

    Blake more so than Ryan (LOL).

  • ... though there were times we questioned how happy Ryan was to be there.


  • Regardless, they're so cute and give us the feels.

    Hope y'all enjoyed the show!