What Happened to Jon Gosselin? Here's What the Dad of 8 Is Up to Now

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Kate and Jon Gosselin
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Jon and Kate Plus 8 has been off the air for more than eight years now, but fans are still fascinated by the Gosselin family ... and their demise. Jon and Kate divorced in 2009 after 10 years of marriage and eight kids together -- twins Madelyn and Cara, now 17 (!!!) and 14-year-old sextuplets Hannah, Aaden, Joel, Leah, Alexis, and Collin Gosselin -- but their drama certainly did not wrap up when the show did. What followed after the series' dramatic cancellation was tabloid gossip, spin-off shows, and these reality star parents smack-talking each other in the press. (Yeah, this split was anything but amicable, folks.)

But whatever happened to Jon? Believe it or not, the Gosselin patriarch has kept himself quite busy over the years (spoiler alert: Dude has had a lot of jobs since his reality TV career ended) and seems to be in love that just might end in a happily ever after. Sadly, Jon continues to make headlines for his not-so-great status with Kate that's affected his relationship with his children in more ways than one.

Here's a look at what Jon has been up to since Jon & Kate Plus 8.

  • Jon has been crazy in love for four years (and counting).

    The dad of eight has been dating his childhood friend, Colleen Conrad, a nurse practitioner, ever since the pair reconnected in 2014. From the looks of social media, the two look pretty happy together!

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  • But his financial status is another story ...

    Sure, divorce ain't cheap, but Jon's custody battle continues to hurt the 41-year-old's pockets. Last we heard, Kate wants Jon to pay up $137,000 in child support for their eight kids, which was set at a reported $22,000 per month back in 2012.

    The disgraced reality star was also dealt a financial blow after TLC sued Jon Gosselin for contract violations -- in addition to owing Uncle Sam money for unpaid taxes. (Not a cute look.)

  • Jon's girlfriend Colleen set up a GoFundMe to help offset the legal costs.

    What a … supportive girlfriend? In September 2017, Colleen publicized an online account for fans to help Jon pay for his mounting court bills as a result of his ongoing legal woes with Kate.

    Seriously, Jon had a GoFundMe set up in his name.

  • He's had a series of odd jobs since leaving reality TV.

    Jon Gosselin as a DJ
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    You may be wondering why the dude can't pay for his debt himself, right? Well, his career history as of late has been spotty at best as Jon has worked a few odd jobs -- including in the kitchen at a TGI Friday's. Jon also worked part-time as a chef at the restaurant chain but eventually quit when a photo of him working in the kitchen went viral (he lost "trust" in his coworkers).

    Okay then.

  • He also got his Magic Mike on as a (one-time) performer in a men's burlesque show.

    Men Untamed was an Atlantic City show that happened to coincide with Jon's 40th birthday back in April -- so of course the single dad decided to ring in the big 4-0 with a little Channing Tatum action.

     … well, sorta.

    Though Jon did dance on-stage with male strippers, he kept his clothes on for the performance, thank you very much.

  • But he now works more regularly as a DJ.

    In 2015, Jon turned his newfound passion for music into a lucrative career as a DJ. He started out as an in-house spinner at Dusk nightclub in Atlantic City, but then he began traveling for gigs around the tristate area -- even helping market local DJs.

    "I'm a member of the Senate DJ group and I also help with promotion," Jon Gosselin told Entertainment Tonight in March about his DJ endeavors. "I DJ at the club sometimes, but I find promotion is more rewarding both financially and emotionally. I like taking care of people and making others feel welcome."
  • Jon is only in contact with a couple of his kids.

    Although it remains unclear how much time this dad spends with the rest of his kids, Jon's bond with his daughter Hannah is truly undeniable. (There have been whispers Jon has custody of Hannah that could explain why the father-daughter duo spend so much time together.) Hannah and Jon documented their summer adventures on the 'Gram, snapping photos together during the Fourth of July, camping out with family, and taking a road trip to visit Collin Gosselin, who Kate sent away to receive treatment for his "special needs."

  • But twins Mady and Cara have made it crystal clear they don't have a relationship with him at all.

    The 17-year-olds are definitely on #TeamKate and aren't afraid to show it. In 2016, Cara and Madelyn told People they don’t speak to Jon whatsoever. "He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don't want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen," Mady told the publication. "He doesn’t even know us. How can he dare to talk about us?"

  • And his relationship with estranged wife Kate is nonexistent.

    Jon and Kate's custody battle has gotten nastier over the years. Aside from the never-ending financial struggles associated with it, reports also claim Kate "brainwashed" the kids against their dad and that she doesn't let Jon have any say whatsoever in their children's lives.

  • However, Jon won't stop fighting for his family, no matter the odds.

    Though the Pennsylvania native still DJs on the regular, Jon reportedly has been working a steadier job as an IT administrator since late 2017 to earn more money and attempt to win back custody of all eight children. Hey, you can't blame a guy for trying.

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