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  • And, of course, we have to point out the Burberry ensemble that Stormi is sporting.

    The shorts and top combo is being sold for $180 to only the most stylish of infants. And we're not the least bit surprised that Kylie is dressing her little one in designer baby garments. 

    You gotta start living the life of a Kardashian straight out of the womb, right?

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  • Adorableness aside, we also noticed that Kylie's photo still doesn't show off Stormi's cute face. 

    After Kylie purged her Instagram of all photos showing her daughter's face, she's been slow to give updates -- and we can't blame her! Raising a baby is hard enough, so we can't imagine what it would be like to have the whole world watching. 

  • But we can only hope that this photo means we'll be getting to see more and more of Stormi in the future. 

    Before we know it, Kylie will be throwing that 1-year-old birthday party she's been planning. But let's keep our fingers crossed that we get more Stormi photos before then.

    However, you never really do know with the Kardashians!