Jeremy Roloff's Family Photo Has Fans Freaking Out About His 'New Look'

Jeremy Roloff with daughter Ember Roloff

If there's one thing that seems to cause a stir among Little People, Big World fans, it's Jeremy's hair. Roloff fans just don't know what to think of the new dad's long mane. Welp, Jeremy Roloff shared a new family pic that might be all about adventure, but has all eyes on his hair ... and LPBW viewers freaking out.

  • Papa (and uncle) Jeremy took Ember and Jackson Roloff on a fun wagon trip through the farm.

    "Showing my daughter and nephew around the farm on a warm summer evening. It wasn't too long ago I was the one in the wagon -- we all were," Jeremy Roloff writes in his Instagram post.

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  • And all eyes are on his hair as some think it looks like Jeremy finally cut his curls.

  • Roloff fans are freaking the eff out.

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  • ... like, for real.

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  • Others, however, just aren't sold and think Jeremy is just rocking a "man bun."

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  • And think folks need to "calm down."

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  • Jeremy recently hinted at the idea of possibly changing up his hair.

    "CAST YOUR VOTE!!! Should @jeremyroloff cut his hair?!" Audrey Roloff asked in her Instagram post about her hubby's hair. "Comment 'nooooo' if you want him to keep the curls and comment 'yes' if you think it's time to change it up!"

  • Guess we have to wait and see what happens.

    Whatever makes you happy, Jer.

    (PS: It definitely looks like Jeremy has a man bun in this pic.)