Jessica Simpson Reveals Her Secret to Staying 'Hot' & It Involves Her Husband

Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson

There are certain celebrity couples who look like they know how to keep the heat turned up in their relationship, and this is one of them. Jessica Simpson confesses her husband keeps her "hot" in a new interview that's part Fifty Shades of Grey, and part relatable mom oddly enough.

  • Jessica Simpson and her hubby Eric Johnson have never shied away from PDA.

    ... like, at all (LOL).

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  • They've found a way to keep things steamy in their near-decade relationship that doesn't appear to be fizzling out anytime soon.


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    Jessica Simpson and Eric announced their engagement back in 2010 after months of dating. The pair welcomed their daughter Maxwell Drew in 2012, and son Ace Knute in 2013 -- before tying the knot in 2014.

  • Jessica has no problem admitting her man keeps her "hot" -- but not because of the reason you're thinking.

    "He keeps me hot I have to say," the celeb mom confessed about her husband to Entertainment Tonight.  "He's always throwing around the kids," she added, revealing Eric's awesomeness as a dad is what keeps her going.

  • "He's such an amazing father, that it makes me want to stay young," she told Entertainment Tonight.

    "I'm like, 'how can you be so active?' I'm watching the kids run around, and it makes me exhausted."

    (LOL, that's such a relatable mom moment, Jess.)

  • It's certainly understandable how a partner that's hands-on with the kiddos can keep you feeling ... hot.

    Heck, one that can wash the dirty dishes in the sink is enough to turn us on!

  • And we're here for whatever makes this beloved celeb mom feel her best.

    They are a hot couple together.

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