All the Ways the Kardashians Give Us Major FOMO With Their Lavish Vacations

Nicole Pomarico | Jul 18, 2018 Celebrities
All the Ways the Kardashians Give Us Major FOMO With Their Lavish Vacations

Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian

Hands down, the Kardashians are one famous family we love to live vicariously through. It seems like practically every week, they're on another vacation, and chances are, they're getting there by private jet. We're used to drooling over Kourtney Kardashian's vacation pics, and we hope it never ends. It's a good thing they all love social media so much, because every time they're off on another adventure, we get to follow along with it, which is almost as good as going on vacation ourselves. 

From Kim and Kourtney's fancy beach vacays to the getaways that include the entire extended family, the Kar-Jenner clan members are always traveling. Even Kylie Jenner, the youngest sister in the group, is always flitting away somewhere beautiful, sometimes with baby Stormi in tow, while the rest of us are stuck at home. 

Whether we've gotten to see the trip play out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians or just had to live through it on social media, we'll never get tired of them (even if we are majorly having FOMO over here). And if nothing else, they've served as a pretty sweet travel guide for the next time we want to plan a ridiculously expensive overseas vacation. 

Here are some of the Kardashian's most envy-inducing trips they've ever taken. Seriously, add all of these locations to your bucket list ASAP. After all, no matter which one you end up choosing, you know they've been Kardashian tested and approved. Is there a better possible recommendation than that?

  • Kylie & Travis Scott's Beach Trip


    For their first family vacation, Kylie and Travis hit the beach with baby Stormi, and the photos are enough to make anyone wish they were lounging on a yacht (then again, that's something we'd be down with doing anytime, anywhere). The occasion? Travis's birthday -- not like they actually needed an occasion to take a trip. 

  • Kim & Kourtney Hit Turks & Caicos 


    As part of Kourtney's birthday celebration in April, Kim and Kourtney took Turks & Caicos, and OMG, the photos were insane. They were always lounging on the beach, paddle boarding, floating in the pool -- basically, all the things that make up the perfect beach vacation. And somehow, they still had the time to take killer IG pics.

  • The Whole Family Went to Cuba


    It's only recently been a travel option from the US, but when the Kardashians visited Cuba, we could not get enough. As if that episode of KUWTK wasn't enough to convince us that we need to visit immediately, their Instagram photos showing off how beautiful the landscape is and how colorful all of the buildings are made it seem even more perfect -- and can we talk about how much fun it looked when they were driving around those old cars?

  • Everyone Went to Armenia


    Knowing how important their heritage is to them, it was inevitable that the Kardashians would go to Armenia eventually, and when they did, the trip looked amazing. Of course, some of their visit was somber, as they learned about the country's sad history and the Armenian genocide, but it was also good to see them get to visit something that's been such a part of their lives, especially when it comes to their late father. 

  • North's Baptism in Jerusalem


    In 2015, Kim baptized North in Jerusalem, and it definitely made us want to plan a trip -- especially after she talked about how special the experience was (and she was pregnant with Saint at the time). We're obsessed with how beautiful the photos turned out, and this is going to be such a special memory for her to share with North when she is old enough to truly appreciate it. And they got to baptize her in an Armenian church, which adds yet another level of meaning to the experience.

  • Kylie's Trip to Paris


    Earlier this summer, Kylie and BFF Jordyn Woods went to Paris to support Travis at one of his concerts and to take in a couple of fashion shows, and judging by the photos they shared, it seemed like they both had a total blast. Uh, Europe with your BFF and boyfriend? Yeah, that sounds like the perfect trip, and the scenery wasn't bad, either. 

  • Kourtney's Italy Trip With Younes Bendjima


    Kourtney has been to Italy this summer, and it's just an example of yet another one of her fabulous vacations with boyfriend Younes Bendjima. This time, she got to bring her kids along, and it seemed like they spent most of the trip relaxing on a boat and soaking up the atmosphere. It looked so relaxing, and now, we want to go, too. 

  • Kourt's Trip to Nantucket 


    Kourtney and Scott Disick might not be together anymore, but they still try to do things together with their kids when they can, and in 2016, that involved an idyllic trip to Nantucket.They stayed in a seven-bedroom estate, and it reportedly cost over $6,000 per night to rent. Um, most expensive vacation ever, much? 

  • Khloe's Final Trip Before Baby


    Before True was born, Khloe and her sisters took a getaway to Japan that seemed to be the babymoon to end all babymoons -- just without her baby daddy. It was such a special time for the sisters to spend together before Khloe's life changed forever after the birth of her first child, and it's enough to make anyone want to visit Kyoto. How beautiful is the bamboo forest?!

  • Kendall Rode Horses in France


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    Riding horses is a pretty cool activity, and one that Kendall has been into since she was a kid. But during a trip to France last year, Kendall got to ride a horse in front of the massive (and beautiful) Chateau de Chambord, making for the classiest Instagram video ever. She looks so happy in the video that it's making us want to visit ourselves!

  • Kourtney's Trip to Mexico 


    Back in January, when most of us were freezing our butts off, Kourtney was chilling by the pool in Mexico. She may have captioned this photo "it's the simple things," but to most of us, there's nothing simple about a trip to Mexico for some rest and relaxation. Take us with you next time?

  • The Family Went to Costa Rica 


    Most of us grew up having family vacations to a beach in Florida or a cabin in the mountains, but Kim and her fam? They do it up every single time. Last year, the Kardashians went to Costa Rica and after seeing the footage on KUWTK, it's clear they had a blast. Who wouldn't, playing in waterfalls?

  • Sister Trip to Palm Springs 


    This photo couldn't possibly be more perfect -- and trust these three to have a blast in Palm Springs. They didn't post too many photos from this trip, because they were probably too busy having sister bonding time, but this one sums it up. Anyone want to fly to California and rent a classic car?

  • Fun in Jamaica


    Before there was Chicago, Stormi, and True, the Kardashian ladies took a trip to Jamaica, posing by the water and hanging out in the pool. How could they possibly have taken a typical pool day on vacation and turned it into something that looks like a high fashion ad? Serious vacation goals right here.